Protect Yourself/Who Owns You? v1.0

Created: May, 2011
Quantity: 2,000*
Synopsis: shows a collection of videos from Cop Block and Liberty On Tour, as well as two videos created by others that strike-the-root
Primary use: outreach resource when on the Free State Friendship Tour

PLAYLIST - 18 videos - 1:49:49 duration

Click to watch the 18-video playlist or click video title to watch specific video from those included on DVD: Santa Fe Police Confront Man for Open Carring Legally, Cop Blocking OH State Trooper, Portsmouth PD Aren’t Exempt from Cop Block, Wearing A Hat is NOT A Crime, Philly Police Think They Have More Rights Than You, Cops Say Funny Things, Video of CopBlock.org Bloggers featured on Stossel, Edgewater, NJ Police Built Rapport Through Intimidation, Uncle Sam Visits Times Square, Hitting the Streets in the City of Brotherly Love, Billionaire Company Taps Individual Charity, Nevada Highway Patrol Cop Blocked on Vegas Strip, MARV Rolls Through Checkpoint Unscathed, Our Week in Jones County, Mississippi, The Constitution: Unfit to Exist, Monorail Security Doesn’t Allow Photography, The Philosophy of Liberty, I’m Allowed to Rob You

*we also had DVDs created for outreach in Greenfield, MA, which included 17 of the 18 videos above and two new additions. Instead of “I’m Allowed to Rob You” by Larken Rose, his video “The Tiny Dot” was included. Also included as the first two videos on the DVD were “Meet the LOT Crew” and “Greenfield PD Harass Activists.”



Protect Yourself/Who Owns You? v2.0

Created: September, 2011
Quantity: 5,000*
Synopsis: shows a diversity of Cop Block content with a focus on Manchester, NH (the first three videos)
Primary use:
outreach resource when in Manchester, NH due to the Chalking 8 incident

playlist - 20 videos, 2:08:55 duration

Click to watch the 20-video playlist or click video title to watch specific video from those included on DVD: Help Us “Chalk the Police”, CopBlock: Manchester PD, Arrests at Manchester, NH Pro-Police Accountability Rally, Justice Without the State by Bruce Benson, Greenfield Overview in 4min, Pete & Ademo’s Trial Part2, Ademo’s “Improper Influence” or Edward Burke’s Abuse of Power – You Decide, Sante Fe Police Confront Man for Open Carrying Legally, Wearing a Hat is Not a Crime, Columbia, MO Officer Discusses SWAT Tactics, Our Week in Jones County, Mississippi, Disorderly Conduct Trial (Jones Co., MS vs Mueller), How to Interact with the Police, Cops Say Funny Things, NJ Intimidation, The Police Accountability Project, MARV Rolls Through Internal Checkpoint Unscathed, Recording the Police: A Panel with LOT & the ACLU, Cop Blocking Ohio State Trooper, Texas Chief Deputy on Drone Helicopter Purchase

*we’ve found that DVDs, when watched, are passed around among the viewers friends