This page is dedicated to some of the most frequently-asked questions about It was created by Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman (and thus does not speak for others involved at the decentralized

Q: Why does Cop Block exist?
A: Cop Block seeks to change the Statist Quo that currently allows a double-standards for those wearing badges. Claims of “just doing my job” doesn’t diminish personal responsibility. It’s a simple yet powerful concept ultimately based on 100% individual freedom and responsibility.

Q: When and why was founded?
A: was founded in January 2010 by Ademo Freeman, as an outlet to share his personal experiences as a victim of the war on drugs as well as the on-going harassment from local law enforcers due to his previous victimless actions. After realizing the pervasiveness of this issue was reconfigured, made decentralized, and has grown into a supportive network focused on education and police accountability.

Q: Who is involved with
A: is a decentralized organization supported by a broad base of individuals from all walks of life, skills and locations, who believe that an open conversation about policing today is needed. Connect with those active in your area

Q: How do I become a member of CopBlock?
CopBlock is more an idea than an institution. If you agree that badges don’t grant extra rights and you abstain from actions that initiate force, you’re welcome to consider yourself part of Cop Block. For more, see

Q: How is funded?
A: is funded, like most websites, via advertising revenue. This covers the IT cost it takes to maintain the website Yet, the CopBlock Network, which is a group of dedicated CopBlockers that work through’s infrastructure to advance the mission that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.” The CopBlock Network assists with IT cost, provides the site with a full time editor, graphics specialist, social networker and several CopBlock contributors. These positions are provide by ad revenue, the CopBlock Store and individual donations – see here. In addition to providing those features to the site, the CopBlock Network also provides educational material, interacts with other CopBlock offshoots and has plans to grow into a police accountability news powerhouse.

Q: Do you hate cops?
A: As a decentralized organization it’s impossible for one answer to speak for all those involved. Instead, check out the related write-ups below posted to

Q: How can help you?
A: is a medium where everyone is encouraged to share their police views, issues and/or personal stories. Use as a forum to share your story and ideas with others (, as a resource to educate yourself, and to collaborate with those in its growing network to level the playing field between aggressive officers and the wrongfully accused.

You can also pledge to donate $1/month to the CopBlock Network and help the ever growing team of CopBlock Contributors spread the message that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”