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    I am unsure of what to do. I was out on Saturday 04/29/17 at a bar on 7th Street in Fort Worth, TX. I was walking to the stairs when a police officer asked me to stop for no reason. I guess they were bored. Knowing my rights, I kept walking. At that point I hear a commotion behind me and I heard "grab him ." I felt my arms being yanked behind my back and someone lifted my legs out from under me. I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened. My face hit the floor and my three front teeth were broken. So at that point, I'm angry and distressed. I started telling them to get off me and asked why I was being arrested. No response. Just to reiterate, this was inside a bar second floor. So they dragged me to a cop car. My girlfriend was with me and she asked why they were taking me in and they said I swung on them. Pretty hard to do when you're on your face. They of course told her to shut up before she was arrested. The paramedics showed up, I had a concussion, three broken teeth, and I thought they had broken my arm. It was just sprained thankfully. I went to the hospital where they did their due diligence. I was then taken to the downtown Fort Worth jail to lay on a cold, hard concrete floor for 6 hours. No blanket, no cot, no food. Turns out they arrested me for public intoxication and threw in a resisting arrest charge too. I was transferred to Mansfield jail around noon. My bond was posted at 10:30 am and I was released at 2:30 pm. Oh, the kicker is they never issued me a sobriety test or breathilizer, just assumed I was drunk because I was at a bar. I wasn't. A little background, I am a 28 year old veteran of the armed forces who hasn't really had any legal trouble until now Can yall help?

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