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    Waiting for that picture of his car and plates. Would love to get you arrested on stalking .
    Good to see you care so much about police officers, you are willing to put one's life on the line by giving out his address and car info. If something happens it's on you. And hiding behind your computer won't help you.
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    That's the police department address
  4. Blue lives matter

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    No it's not. It'd be awfully strange for the police department to be in the middle of a neighborhood.
  5. Blue lives matter

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    Wow Chiny, you sure got heated. XOXO
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    Chiny, Chiny, Chiny... not all of us are self employed writers with all the time in the world on our hands. I'd have assumed you'd have plenty to write about. You are pretty good at making up scandalous lies about people. Sure keeps me entertained while I shovel food in my mouth at Mcy D's. It's a shame your research isn't that great though. If it was you'd know Mitch went to a 4 year university where he graduated with 2 degrees. In criminal justice and psychology. Your Facebook creeping skills are mad talented though. Congrats. Looks like you got at least a grade school education in.
    And lets be real, Starbucks burns their coffee, ain't no one got time for that. XOXO
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    Just curious who this "we" is... So far it's only been you Chiny. And no, there are no investigations ongoing into any of the lies you keep telling on obscure sites like this.
    You keep saying his stalking people and has all these thug buddies, but where is your proof? If any of these claims were remotely true, don't you think IA would have opened an investigation by now? That all of these people who have been harassed by him would have come forward with proof to the department?
    A department where a high school degree is a requirement, so your GED comment is false.
    It seems to me that you lack the evidence to support your claims about Mitch which is why you are attacking me and insinuating I am Mitch.
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    There are protests going on right now in St. Louis for justice against a police officer who DID a terrible thing and took a mans life. The second police officer to do so in STL in less than 5 years. So you are right, there are terrible cops out there. There are people who become police officers because they think they can get away with everything. Those men and women should not be protecting the citizens they do.
    There are also horrible people who go into schools, nightclubs, churches, and concerts and kill innocent victims because their life is too much for them to handle and they feel this is justified.
    There are SO MANY PROBLEMS in this country right now, and you are wasting your time slandering a man whose wife you have an issue with. Use your energy to protest the injustice that plagues any race that's not white or Christian. Use your energy to help the victims in Las Vegas, in Puerto Rico, in Texas, in Florida. Use your negative energy and be constructive. Hold up a sign in STL for Black Lives Matter, because they do. And they should be heard. There should be no racism left in this country, in this world. But there is. And you see it everyday. EVERY DAY someone gets killed or commits suicide because of race or religion. There is never a time where that should EVER be accepted. DONATE money to help the victims of the massacre in LV or to hurricane relief.
    Write your congressmen and tell them that DeVos' reversal on the guidelines of sexual assault was a leap backward for women. And endangers men as well. That she just gave the okay for rape. Tell them to stop any vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act that so many rely on. That insurance companies shouldn't get to pick who lives and dies based on how much their bonuses will be.

    SO MANY PROBLEMS IN THIS COUNTRY and you are on this thread slandering a man who you know has done none of the things you are claiming. Because you still don't have any proof. You have a picture of him in college dressed up for Halloween. Yes that was a tasteless costume, but I can think of worse ones that the alt-right wears not on Halloween. Fight them.

    You have the issue with me Chiny. We moved away from you. You have the apartment complex. I am very sorry if I upset you years ago, but it is time to let go and move on. I send the man I love out into a world and I don't know if he is going to come back the next morning because there are so many stupid people out there with guns and knives and hate in their hearts. So giving them our address, putting my family at risk is unacceptable. Take your hatred you have towards me and please, please, please use it to better this world. The world doesn't need more hate, it needs more love. It needs people coming together, joining hands, and respecting each others differences. No one should have to wake up, answer the knock at their door, answer their phone to hear that their love one has died by the hands of another. NO ONE deserves that.

    I don't want to have this battle with you anymore. Women get put down and called names enough. They aren't listened to when they are raped. They are't taken seriously in jobs, at stores, or in any part of life. As women, we have to fight for everything twice as hard as a man, simply because we are a distraction. At the end of the day, we are the same person. We are women. And in a man's world that means nothing. So fight with me, not against me.
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    There are a few holes here. The fact that it's been almost 4 years since this feud has started shows I have a very important place in your life. And now that Gold's has closed and you have no way to spew hateful things about me, you are going after my husband.
    The fact that you think I don't like liberal rabble rousers tells me that you are not doing your research adequately. I am very much a liberal.
    You are really stuck on this homeless thing. The same man that you are accusing of hating them is the one standing on the corner with them at night talking to them and learning their life story. Taking them to the hospital instead of to a cell to sober up for public intoxication. Instead of focusing on a lie, focus on the real problem. This country does NOT care about it's veterans. There are over 50,000 homeless veterans in the United States. Most suffer from PTSD or a number of other mental disorders brought on by war. Most of them will not seek care after they get back. Most will lose family and friends who don't want to deal with "their issues". There is a problem in this country with the homeless. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT. These men and women on the streets do not deserve to be there. They deserve compassion and kindness. They deserve help that the rich white privileged men you are standing up for refuse to give.
    These fraternity guys you are talking about, do you really want to have their back? They are able to get away with public intoxication, bar fights, sexual assault, domestic violence. WHY? Because they have white privilege and rich parents. Why should they be allowed to get off with no consequences but a black man walking down the street gets murdered simply because he's in a hoodie and looks suspicious? What kind of logic is that??

    AGAIN, I ask you, WHERE is this proof of my husband's complaints and investigations? I have yet to see a link to it. You put up our house and an article about how his father FOUND the woman in her cell, when he got on duty. As he was not the arresting officer nor the one in charge of watching the cells that night. Slight flaw to your story there.

    Name calling is only proving your insecurities. You can call me whatever you want it's the best part of this country right? The alt-right gets all the free speech under their leader but the Black Lives Matter protesters get arrested. News outlets who tell the truth get the label "fake news".

    So you can sit behind your computer and lie about who you are. Be my guest. Part of being an adult is being responsible for your actions. If you are going to state that what you say is true and a fact, then have proof to back it up.
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    I still don't see the proof you have of the complaints you claim are against him. Giving the police departments address does nothing to back up your lies. You are just further proving your claims about investigations and complaints against Mitch are false.

    I'm also not sure why you took my comments and some how manipulated them into how Mitch feels. They are my opinions only. I know Trump is trying to make women inferior but for the time being I still am entitled to my own thoughts and opinions on things. We aren't living back in 1940 yet.
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    Blue, perhaps if you weren't intellectually challenged you could pull the sociopath thing off - but neither you nor the man in question here has remotely enough self control to wing it. You aren't fooling anyone with the passive-aggressive XOXOs or any other of your strange narcissistic red herrings.
  12. Blue lives matter

    Blue lives matter New Member

    So you have no proof that he has done any of those things or that there are any open investigations.
    Case closed
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    It's awfully tasteless to talk about mental health problems like that. There are millions out there who struggle every day and yet here you are yet again making light of a disease.
    There is a hashtag on social media RIGHT NOW about sexual harassment and sexual assaults on women that is a REAL LIFE PROBLEM. You are so damn focused on your lies against Mitch that you don't realize that because of people like you making up false accusations with NO proof of the legitimacy that REAL WOMEN are having to stay silent after a rape because no one believes them. HOW DARE YOU. How dare you sit there and help rapists win.

    This whole thing has me so baffled as to how after 4 years you can still hold such a grudge against me asking you to shut your garage door that you are still trying to get even. If any of this was actually true I find it hard to believe he would still have a job where he keeps getting promoted and recognized on his accomplishments. The fact that you aren't willing to provide concrete proof only shows that there is none.

    And lets be honest here shall we. The only reason I'm on here is because I received an email saying there was a thread about Mitch on this website. The only people responding to any of this are me and you, Chiny. So stop making up emails and usernames, I was a teenager once, I can do the same thing. Yet I'm choosing to act like an adult. So please respond with the same respect.

    It makes me very upset that I have to explain to another woman or any one for that matter, how disrespectful and uncaring it is to make up stories involving issues like mental health, homelessness, sexual assault and harassment when these issues are so HUGE and need all the attention we can possibly give them.
    Would you like to hear my #metoo . These are serious issues that need to be taken seriously. Your lies are so shameful they make me sick. All I can think about it all the women out there who HAVE been sexually harassed and what they went through in the aftermath.

    There are no investigations for Mitch. There has NEVER been a woman come forward with a complaint. He has been there after an assault. He has comforted the women and children involved in domestic fights. He's documented holes in the wall from where one man smashed the head of his wife. He's begged the women not to go back to their abuser, and gone back multiple times to the same call because they were too scared to leave the man they love. NO ONE should ever have to feel scared to leave a man who has punched them, thrown them down stairs, through walls, held a knife to their throat. NO ONE.

    But please lets keep spreading lies about Mitch so the real criminals are able to get off and go abuse another women.
  14. Blue lives matter

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    Yes, please post a picture of me at the end of a half marathon. I'm actually okay with this picture.
    You realize that by saying you don't think anyone would assault me you have just undermined everything women have been working towards. And by saying that, if these claims were true, you undermined those women who you say have been harassed by Mitch. By calling out someone who has been assaulted and saying they are lying or deserved it, you just silenced more women who think that nothing will be done for them if they speak about their assaults.
    Congratulations. You are worse than I thought. Have a wonderful life. And good luck with everything. Send me your book when you finish writing about us.
    Oh, you got my name wrong.
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    Broadcast it. Please do. If he's so terrible, why let him get away with it. Why not stand up for yourself and all these other women and out him as the creep he is.
  16. Blue lives matter

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    But you already have all the information and names of girls he's harassed. And other dash cam footage. Why not release that? Why let him off?
    Unless of course you don't have any of this evidence you claim to have and now you're caught in a lie?
    From the unnecessary name calling in your post, it seems to me that you have no evidence because you've made this whole thing up to try and make our lives miserable.
    Unfortunately it didn't work. I wish you the best in your life and I hope you find something else you are passionate about. Perhaps you can try and fix the broken veterans system and help stop homelessness. You seem passionate about that. Or donate to a sexual harassment fund. I can give you the name of a several organizations that I've donated to.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have friends and family with which to spend it with. If not, there is a lunch I've volunteered at every year since moving here, it's called Everybody Eats. Because everyone deserves a meal and friends on this day of giving. All our best.
  17. Blue lives matter

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    Considering you are a self employed writer, I'm pretty sure you aren't paying taxes, thus not paying the police departments salary. But hey I could be wrong.
    I'm also confused. A few posts back you said no one would want to have sex with me, now I have STDs... So which is it? Just curious. And let's say I did, because you know me better than my doctor does apparently, what exactly would that have to do with Mitch? Oh, maybe he's mad because I gave them to him. And that's why he is harassing women. That makes sense, point for you.

    But even in my mentally ill state, I keep asking for you to release all this to the public and to the police. Go ahead and go up to the FBI, might as well, can't trust these CoMo cops anyway. Clearly they are terrible at doing their jobs. And yet, nothing. Not a single incident has been filed against him. I ask him every day if he's been caught yet. They've fired someone for selling steroids so you'd think the IA detectives would take this just as seriously since he's working with criminals and all.

    Which brings me to my next question...maybe you can help me out here. If he was working with criminals and they had drugs. Wouldn't we be like super rich because he would be paid off by these criminals to not be arrested for selling? And possibly having an illegal firearm or two? Therefore not needing your tax dollars to pay for my mental issues (paraphrasing what you said a while back).

    Even without drug money, unfortunately Mitch makes too much for us to even come close to qualifying for state assistance. Crazy right since police officers in this town make so little.

    So I'm going to ask you again, please release all the evidence you have on him so this matter can close. The only evidence that's out there is your word against mine. And we found out in court a few years back that restraining orders that does not get you. So do us all a huge favor, stop hiding behind your computer and go to the police. Go to the news stations. Whatever you want. I'm sure all these beautiful girls have lawyers that will keep them all safe while they come out against Mitch. So the only thing stopping you, is that none of what you said is true and you know it.

    You and Trump have a lot in common though. Spewing lies until even you believe them. Ah, but lies have a way of catching up with us.

    But hey, who am I to say anything logical, I'm just mentally unstable. Can you send an orderly to my house to take me away? Animal control was so two years ago. Shelby thanks you though, she loves new people and was super excited to have a new friend come visit.
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    The only person claiming I'm following her is the one falsely accusing my husband of sexual harassment.
    Name calling and attacking my character has nothing to do with any claim that my husband has done wrong.
    We did go to court. She attempted to get a restraining order on me after my dog lunged into her open garage after the stray cats she was feeding ran into it. She's been attacking me and my husband for 3 years. Not to mention stalking my friend who lives and works for the apartment complex she lives in. I'm pretty sure videotaping a child and his father playing basketball is illegal is it not?

    My husband does not involve me in his work. Unless he's coming home to change uniforms after getting covered in blood from a victim he tried to save.

    I've been receiving emails from all sorts of sites like this. So let me ask you, why did I get an email about this site to begin with? Why did I get emails from random yellow page like websites saying what an awful person I was at my place of work? How did she know where we moved to? We bought a house to get away from her and then when she could no longer harass me at my job she went after my husband. Oh and the dog. Animal control came out a few weeks ago. But strange thing was none of the neighbors they talked to had any complaints about our dog. In fact they had only great things to say about her. But somehow they got an anonymous email saying our dog is neglected.
    I've had jehovas witnesses at my door asking if I need to come to God for my sins of laying with a man out of wedlock.

    So before you accuse me of stalking her.. I think you need a few more facts. She's amazing talented at bouncing her ip address which is why the detective working our stalking case against her can't get a warrant for her computer. But unless someone in Philadelphia has an issue with me or my husband.. Something smells a little fishy.
  19. Blue lives matter

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    Wow this is hilarious. Again, attacking my character and name calling.

    But again.. My last name is not Jones. It is possible to get married and not form to society.

    And come on, anyone with Google maps knows Belleville isn't in the bootheel. It's literally right across from St. Louis.

    And I said you can keep the picture up of me. That was my fifth half marathon that I ran. The second one in 3 weeks. I was exhausted. It was a hard race. But I finished. It's not the most flattering picture I'll give you that.
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    Thanks for admitting this is you Chiny. The bit about my car breaking down... Was that because you saw me driving a different car a few weeks ago and then followed me in my car last week?

    I'm not sure what our financial situation has to do with you. We clearly had the means to buy a house. Without an financial help except our mortgage... With a down payment that was more than your yearly rent at the Hill apartment complex.

    As for admitting I have a mental illness. I did no such thing. I am worried about your mental health though. Since you clearly can't stop harassing me or Mitch. But let's be real.. You haven't actual harassed him. You've just sent emails to me accusing him of things. If you did in fact have real proof you wouldn't spend months claiming you had evidence and witnesses and multiple women with the same stories without going to the police or FBI or the media that you keep claiming you're going to. Just do it. If you have all that, be my guest and turn it all in.

    And to be honest..you an call me whatever you want. Ugly, homely, white trash.. There's been so many I've lost count. I honestly DO NOT CARE. It doesn't bother me. I probably did look rough when I opened Golds Gym at 4:45am every morning.

    You talk about social class like we are somehow below you. But not because of any accusations you've made against us, but because of our hometown and that you think we get state assistance. In my opinion that makes you beneath us. What kind of person classifies another based on income. Ones with privledge I imagine. So you are correct, we don't have any privledge. We've both worked since 16 to afford what we want. When I went to college I paid my own way through all four years. When we decided to move in together, neither of our parents helped us, we worked and we paid for everything. When we moved here, same thing. So you can sit behind a computer and tell me that you are better than we are. And that doesn't bother me. I know our life, our friends know our life.

    So unless you are going to come forward and produce this evidence, please stop harassing me and my family.

    The detectives are awaiting your evidence. They have been notified already.

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