6 years still seeking justice and relief

Discussion in 'Police Encounters' started by Goodvibes, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Goodvibes

    Goodvibes New Member

    After 6 years still justice hasn't been found. 19 years old left being perminantly brain damaged. The video is on youtube @ seabrool police brutality. I have made a gofundme page if you could please give me some more of your time please read the info and watch the video if your not easily disturbed. Please help share and make people aware of these unbelieveable crimes! Help finally find some justice/help. God bless you thanks for your time!
  2. Jeff Childress

    Jeff Childress New Member

    I can tell you how to get justice. Mother fucking po po need to fucking die, straight up, them and they goddamn families all need to be put 6 feet in the goddamn earth to shut they pig asses up for good. Let's make more dead cops!
  3. Jeff Childress

    Jeff Childress New Member

    And fuck all those motherfuckers who say all cops ain't bad, that fucking bullshit, if they got a badge, they a goddamn PIG, they need to fucking die!

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