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    An informant who assaulted me and dropped her car keys, called her boss officer dunham and reported that I stole her keys and broke her car window. Which was false. I threw her keys 150 feet into a field after she assaulted me and dropped them. She then tried to break my car window and kicked dents into my door. After I drove away, she kicked her own window out to get her possessions. This was all done in front of 3 other people. After getting get phone she walked and called Dunham. According to 1 of the 3 who stayed inside his home, dunham arrived and some with his informant, he arrived with servral cars and servral more met him. He then headed to my home. Upon arrival he and another vehicle, a k9 unit were being aggressive and dunham drew his gun immediately on me and started shouting for me to come to the gate. I was speaking with a friend about his exhaust system I was welding for his vehicle. I wss unaware that he was wanted with a warrant. My friend walked to the back of my house when he saw that the deputy had his gun drawn.

    Dunham demanded his name which i have him, and I got to my gate i heard him say warrant and call in backup. He then had his other officer walk with the k9 to st the backside of my home.

    That deputy decided to break apart the lock ( bolt-chain- nut- chain-nut washer- double nut, all hand tightened) and enter my property without me giving him any permission, he then sprayed both my dog and another with pepperball. As he and the k9 kept walking my back fence line causing my dogs to start fighting.

    I hear the dogs and dunham allows me to go get control and asks me to put the dogs away. I do ecactly as he requests.

    As i lock my dogs in my recreation room and laundry room, i lock my bedroom door which is attached to the laundry room and and come back outside i hear the helicopter and notice there is now 5 squad cars.

    Dumham has myself and my mom move to the back patio and he starts to shout that hes gong to arrest me for aiding and abbeding if I dont tell him where brady went. I seen the back gate open so i was unsure. Dunham then tells me to check and see if hes inside. I go in and check my room the rec room the laundry room, check each dog out and then i come outside and tell the deputies that the west wing of yhe house ( laundry room, my bedroom, bathroom walk in closet, man cave, and rec room are clear. Only my pets inside. I clearly stated that the east wing was not checked.

    Dunham treatens me again with aiding and abbeding in front of 4 officers if i am lying and they find him in the house.

    I again tell him he is not in the west wing of my home, but theres 3 bedrooms and a bathtoom on the other side of the home.

    He walks to the kitchen door and shouts for him to come out. Then after no response he demamds for them to enter and search. My mother and I both clearly lay down specific criteria. We state that they can not under no circumstance take the dog inside our home. And that they can go check the west side of the house, but not to open the laundry door becuase the big dog was in there. They ignore our instructions and as they are walking to the front door i again tell them not to open the door on the left when the enter through the front. After about 10 minutes of them inside my home, dunham comes out and demands that i take the dogs outside. I ask him why and he says just do it or hes going to go in with his gun drawn and if my dog moves he will put him down. So i again comply. I brkng the dogs outsode and tie them up. The deputy then goes into my locked room somehow and finds my hkme defense pistol under my matress with the magazkne right next to it. He then finds a brand new insulin syringe in the medical kit under my sink. He carrys them both outside. And puts them in his trunk. Then after tossing up my room completly and my closet breaking Nick nacks my dresser, ruining my nice suits and traditional Indian wedding clothes that he ripped theone pockets on, and messing ip my mancave and all my paper work and records. Breaking some very old vynils and ruining my origination of all my important documents, he comes outside grabs a ladder, thena few minutes later he came back

    He tells me to follow him and brings me around to ghe front As we walk around i see the paramedics run inside my home. He stops me in the driveway and explains that they kicked open a door amd broke it and found my friend hidding inside the closet. He was bit by the dog and theres blood that will need to be cleaned. I asked him why the dog was in the house when myself and my mother clearly stated no dog inside the home. He chuckles at this point the officer who was babysitting us i the back with whom i was strightening out facts that both he and i were unsure of. (vital information that connected 12tg he dots for him and me)
    I forgot hos name but hes in the pictures with an ok next to him, he hastily approaches dunham and tells himnhes out of here, he wants no part in anybof thia and he got a call anyways so hes taking off.

    Then dunham took me inside and i saw the medics working on my friend who the had been dragged out to the entry tile leaving a trail of scuf across the wood floors from the east wing down the hall pasg ghe dinning area and family area, to the entry tile. Dunham shows me the broken door and blood, and he tells me my friend was in the room and he tried to swing at the deputies so the dog bit his armpit. Then he takes me to the laundry room and demands that i sign a constant to search form so that he can look for the Car keys on my room. I decline asking him why my room door is open when i locked it, and where did my cat go?

    He says he opened it and he had to check it to make sure that friend was not in there. Then i asked him how is it that you had to clear my room when you searched the other side of the home where you were given consent to search, before i even took my dogs out? He then treatens me and says either i sign the paper or hes gong too get a search warrant and go through the entire house worse than he did to my area already.

    Reluctantly i start filling the paper out. I pause and ask him if he found my pistol, which he tells me he did. He trys to tell me it was loaded with 1 in the "tube". I told hi m hes full of shit because i keep the clip right next to it as its for protecting my family, but its never chambered as the pistol has no safety.

    At that point i knew what was going on so to speed things up for my mom who was panicking about my friends arm. I sogned the paper and waited out by the front door for everykne to clear out.

    Then when dunnam was the last guy there i ask him for my pistol and he says no no no. That we have to goto the statikn for questioning.

    I ask him if im under arrest and he says no. So i say welm then give me back my pistol. Then he says again we bave to goto the station to discuss the situatikn further. He then assures my mom that I'm not under arrest and that she can come pick me uo when i call her in a hour or 2

    So I go to grab my phone out of my car but Dunham says he already has it. Confused I get in his car and we start driving then we stop at my friend's house on hess lane Dunham gets out of the car and goes and talks to the knformant who assaulted me and vandalized my car. When he comes back he asks me to show him snd her where the keys are so I point to where I threw them and we get back to the origins plan of going to the station
    Durrjng the car ride Dunham elaborates a comment Amanada Showalter made whenj was point to the keys location, regardjng me making a comment about her owing me money for bailing her out of jail last summer. She said he knows all that i tell him everything. Dunham tells me gheg2g are really tight and tell each other everything and that she hs been com with him for years.

    When we get to the station everything changes I get ankle cuffed to a bench and I am forced to give a blood sample and takes a few sobriety test which i clearly passed as everyone in the room saw ...Then after the interview is done and walks out and he walks back inside an i. A quick moment handcuffs me and starts read me my Miranda rights . He tells me that I'm being charged with being under the influence of controlled substance with a loaded firearm and possession of drug paraphernalia .Even though during the interview i explained that the drug paraphernalia is not drug paraphernalia it's actually what it's meant for an insulin syringe for my friend who lives in the house on hess lane who is a diabetic and has nearly died at my house 2 times from not having insulin. And After the 2nd time i found him almosy completly incoherent searching his car for insulin. We decided to keep his stuff at my house and his insulin is in The fridge in the bottom drawer next to the peanuts and cashews. But ok whatever j end up at southwest. Bail out sunday morning, and im given nothing. No paper work no citation, no paperwork on my pistol, nothing. And i Havre been watchinh the courts public access but i stilk have no court date and its been 7 do i find out my court date and how isbt his legal anyways? I want my pistol back asap

    Amanda showalter the informant is a druv addict and a theif and she ttied stealing my pistol ghe night i bailed her out of jail last year, around the same time. And i kicked her out my home.

    Dunham and her were flirtkng but more like how i flirt with my fiance. And amanda i awhile kn owbfor being a big loose slut. To me as skmeo ne who has known amanda for 10 years k think they are intimatly involved.

    In the pics you will see dunnam comes out with the pistol beg ire the ambjlance gets there, also the dog is already being taken to the car. Before the ambulance came he alreadg took my pistol and he didnt bave ang consent to search or even enter my laundry room
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    I think that they were messing with you, however I would call or go to the court and find out about any court dates, next I would not have brought my fire arm with me this way I won't have to bring any type of ID.. sorry to hear that you had to go through that..

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