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    About a month ago, a friend of mine had requested background information on a Detective in Florida in relation to a drug case. 2 days later, said Detective shows up to her house along with 4 other meathead detectives in an attempt to intimidate her. The detective under question did not get out of his undercover vehicle and watched as the detectives surrounded her house and one detective knocked on her door like she stole something. She didn't answer because it was too much of a coincidence that these specific law enforcement officers were banging on her door.

    What should she do?

    She is a single mother, no criminal history whatsoever, and does not live in the same county that these detectives serve. She has not seen them since, but their actions were clearly an attempt to intimidate her from requesting information.

    The drug case is legitimately wrought with corruption from the AUSA who was assigned, to the officers who perjured themselves on the stand. The CJA told the defendant, his client, that the AUSA would not let certain witnesses even near the courtroom and would have them arrested if they tried to testify. During the case, the CJA contacted her and threatened her with the AUSA issuing an indictment for her, but it never appeared.
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    I'm confused by what you've written; How is your friend connected to this investigation? She needs an attorney, yesterday. She should not speak to law enforcement nor let them in her home. If she is arrested, she should say nothing until her attorney is there.
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