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    Have you ever had a bad experience with an officer? I have. In 2012, Deputy Paul Salvo of the Tallahassee, Florida Sheriff Department pulled me over for having no tag after following me for about 10 miles. The officer saw a black woman driving alone in an out of state vehicle and decided to have some fun at my expense. I did have a tag, proof of insurance, and a license. I had to call 911 to prevent him from harming, and he still has a job. He was only required to do traffic stop training. This officer should have lost his badge but instead the department swept it under the rug.
  2. What happened during the stop? And yes, there are a lot of similar stories. Check out the thread I made regarding Mitchell Jones who has criminally stalked and harassed multiple women in Columbia, Missouri. He's had numerous complaints made about him, and the lunatic and his 'wife' had the gall to join this site and respond in the thread--they're under the moniker"bluelivesmatter".

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