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    My name is Rami Michael Zawaideh and I'm writing to you regarding case Z551059 in the San Diego Superior Court. Even though I was not in a fare zone, I was issued a citation for not having a valid trolley ticket and although I should have been afforded three levels of protection by the city of San Diego, I was convicted of a crime I did not commit. A judgement based in part on the perjury of private security guard Austin Marshall and the incompetence (if not worse) of Judge Jay Bloom.

    What concerns me is that I have attempted to report Austin's felony to local law enforcement agencies and they are refusing to allow me to officially file a report. San Diego PD claims that it's not their jurisdiction. The Sheriff's department pointed the finger toward's the court. The court claims that they don't take crime reports and the district attorney's office has been less than helpful to say the least. All of these agencies have received the information contained in this letter and, to the best of my knowledge, have done absolutely nothing about it.

    I can only assume that San Diego city officials have conspired against me because not only have I not been allowed to report a crime, the court is refusing to overturn the case even though the evidence and the law are so clearly on my side. It would appear as though 'America's finest city' is willing to trample on my civil liberties in order to protect the interest's of it's local criminals.


    I. I was not in a fare zone.

    II. Austin Marshall perjured himself and I was found guilty based on the strength of his lies.

    III. Judge Jay Bloom did not give me a fair trial and is insisting on keeping this conviction on my record even though I am so clearly innocent.


    In April, 2016, I was at the 12th & Imperial transit center petitioning the California state petitions directly between the clock tower and Imperial Ave. I was approached by Metropolitan Transit System officer Austin Marshall and told in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to petition there. Considering that it's a private property with two or more businesses, and the fact that I was in it's main thoroughfare, I believed myself to be well within my rights and continued about my business. It was then that Mr. Marshall decided to deprive me of my liberty by placing me "under arrest" while we waited for the state officer to come and issue a citation for my illegal petitioning. I attempted to leave no less than three times during this ordeal but was blocked by Mr. Marshall each time.

    Upon the arrival of the state officer, there seemed to be some confusion as to whether or not a petitioning citation could be issued. He contacted his superiors by phone and I was then forced to answer a very thorough series of questions before it was decided by the powers that be that no petitioning citation would be issued.

    If they had apologized for their actions and gone about their business, I would not be writing you today. What actually happened was an injustice I will never forget because instead of realizing that I was well within my rights to be there, Mr. Marshall instructed the officer to issue a citation for not having a valid fare even though I was not in a fare zone.

    Knowing that I was wronged, I went to court to fight this nonsense and what Mr. Marshall did on the day is something that just boggles the mind. The area we were in is not and has never been a fare zone. He presented the judge with a close up picture of a fair sign as evidence of the area being a fare zone. Seeing as there are no fare signs posted in the area, he could only have taken his photograph elsewhere on the property making him a genuine liar. Knowingly giving a false statement while testifying in a criminal or civil court proceeding is perjury according to California law.

    All claims in this letter are proven in the San Diego Superior Court record case Z551059 and video footage of the area available at .

    The series of actions which brought me court and that question the character of Austin Marshall.

    It is my contention that this incident was never a matter of law but a matter of Mr. Marshall's personal authority. When I Informed him of my right to petition in the main thoroughfare of a private building, he was none too pleased and immediately used his badge and his gun to restrict my movement and block my path when I tried to leave. During this ordeal, he also attempted to intimidate me with his stares and his snide smiles as if to let me know he was well and truly in charge. I can assure you that it was not a pleasant encounter with a decent human being. When the order came down not to issue a citation for petitioning, Mr. Marshall didn't accept that I had a right to be there and although I was good enough to point out the lack of any fare signs in the area, he decided to abuse the power given to him by his job in order to file a false charge and entangle me with a court appearance. That was not an action of a good person.

    What happened in court was not a isolated incident and considering my experience, I would go as far as to say that it's par for the course when dealing with Mr. Marshall. From start to finish, this nightmare could only be described as horrific and the fact that I was incorrectly convicted based on the lies of someone who is considered to be in some strange way a figure of authority makes it all the more worse.

    I would also like to point out that Mr. Marshall's perjury was the very worst kind. For example, he didn't lie during a deposition about how much money he has under his mattress with a motive of personal gain. Austin perjured himself in a court of law for the sole purpose of convicting me of an crime I did not commit. Now what kind of person would do that?

    The peculiar events at court that question Judge Bloom's competence.

    If you check the court record, you will find that I claimed the area is unsigned and presented the court with a wide angle photograph showing there were in fact no signs. It was then that Mr. Marshall disagreed and presented 'evidence' to the contrary (a close-up of one of a fair sign). How could a seasoned judge not notice that Mr. Marshall's photograph had no background and was not evidence of a fare sign in the area in question?

    What makes matters even worse is that I attempted to explain to his Honor that it couldn't have been a fare zone by making the very good point that no one coming in from Imperial Ave. needs a train ticket to go to any of the businesses on the property. It was then that he essentially silenced me by saying he was familiar with the area (all in the court record), shooting me the exact smile I mentioned above before lending his ear the the lies of the private security guard. Although I believe my defense was not inadequate, Judge Jay Bloom just ignored my evidence.

    Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining and with that in mind, I would like to thank his Honor for waiving the fine but in the same breath remind him that not having to pay a fine for a crime I did not commit is no consolation for being found guilty of it.

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