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  1. David Harrison

    David Harrison New Member

    My first complaint is that government hypocrites stole owner ship of the world and all the people on it when they were committing genocide during world war 1 and 2, and ruling peoples live into crap. It was a government hypocrite by the name of Adolf Hitler that created radiation and the atomic bomb with high hopes of enslaving all humans into obeying him and living your life on the terms all government dictators set forth for us to live by to this day. But government hypocrites don't want to live by the same laws they set forth for we the people to be oppressed by. Hitler killed 2 thirds of the world's population with the atomic bomb and governments of this day and age invented chemical and biological weapons,which are 10 times more deadly than the atomic bomb just to force people to obey the government's laws.meanwhile our religious leader hypocrites preach thou shall not kill,comit adultery, or sexual immorality. If you watch a YouTube video called secrets of the Vatican it's about all the little boys and girls of the Catholic church that have been pedophiled by the churches clergy and the government's did nothing to justify it and everything to cover it up since the 1800's. None of the laws government make ,make sense. They fired bill Clinton for cheating on his wife, and let brad Pitt keep his job for cheating on his wife ,and elected a criminal racist named Donald trump to have the cops violently remove all the colored people from his rally. While he has sex with a porn star named stormy winters and bribes her to keep her mouth shut.We have another government hypocrite by the name of mayor Rob Ford in Toronto screaming hell and high water don't get high, but mayor Rob Ford was addicted to cocaine. My point is I don't want a religious or government hypocrite,genocidal,coke addicted,sex trade addicted hypocrite government terrorist coming into my operating room on the day of my birth telling me he owns and controls my mind,body,and soul. That I should shut up and do as I told,obey the law pay my bills and get my slave ass to work and don't have sex. The government ripped me off when they predestined on the day of my birth to never make me as rich as Donald trump,brad Pitt,or a porn star or the band slayer. The government low balled me when they offered me 3 to $600,000.00 for a lifetime worth of wages and work.While I finance my life on 3 million worth of debt. Brad Pitt ,Donald trump and the porn stars and the band slayer are worth an easy $200 million. Well that would be more wouldn't it. So much for equality and equal work for equal pay. Speaking of slayer they wrote a song called exile that completely describes how I feel about government and religious leaders and they'refictional,imaginary b.s. About God's judging me.that's government b.s. In the highest.government fabricated imaginary gods to pass judge ment on me and tell me how to live my life.just whose life is it anyway. Do the government and religious leaders own my life and where do they get off telling how to live my life.I should charge the government and religious leaders with kidnapping me when they came into my operating room on the day of my birth barking off ridiculous demands about how I should live my life.The difference between Donald trump charged with inciting violence,Paris Hilton also charged with a criminal offence and mayor Rob Ford charged with doing cocaine is they are extremely rich with no accountability. For the past 25 years the employers of Canada have wasted my time and life coming up with the stupidest excuses why they would not hire me. For example I have a criminal record,mental health files. Spending $18,000.00 at university was a major mistake on my part since the government promise to cut me out of the same riches Donald trump has since the day of birth.Canadian employers have said to me they would not hire me because I have tattoos.And no reliable transportation,my references education are not adequate. Did anybody require or expect mayor Rob Ford,Donald trump,Paris Hilton for the above stated employment requirements to get a job? Of course not Donald trump,mayor Rob Ford ,Paris Hilton are rich and unaccountable criminals that got favouritism. No need to harrass them to get a job and block them from getting a job because they are rich criminals.they don't need a job they just go back to their riches and presidency. The country doesn't want to give me a job because I don't meet the above requirements and I am a poor criminal So they stripped me of my class A and C drivers license,air brake endorsement chauffeurs badge,and all my abilities to get a job because I refuse to go thru a psychiatrist assessment.And still harrass me to get a job and be this countries low paid super slave.they don't give a damned that I'm experienced and capable of driving a bus. The government just wants to point out fault and punish me. On the other hand my cousin just got meneres desease so they performed sergury on him .prescribed him with marijuana treatment and sent him back to work as a bus driver for city transit. I am sure that's a safe call on the part of our government geniuses. Like I said government and religious leaders are hypocrites, full of b.s. And for every law the bossy little bastard create. They create a law to contradict the law. For example sell a liquor store a business license to sell you alcohol and then persecute you for drinking it and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Because the government makes money selling you alcohol.if they didn't they would illegalize it. They do the same thing with porn stars and hookers. Sell them a business license to conduct business in the sex trade and persecute the sex trade workers and there customers for doing business in the sex trade. If the government wasn't making money off the sex trade and telling us what we're allowed to do with our dicks and tits. They would illegalize sex all together and tell us we are not allowed to do it without a special permit.that's government hypocrites for you always shaking hands with rich criminals,and oppressing the shit out of the poor ones. The next thing you know government will want to put a video camera in everybody's bedroom and pipe humanities sexual immorality all over the internet,like they don't already. Government and religious leaders should learn to butt out and mind there own business. Now does anyone now how I can get a passport,immigration papers and visa despite criminal record like the band metallica did. They did speed and crack and got passports to do international concert tours. I prefer to live my life like Tom hanks in the movie castaway. Abandoned on a deserted island exempt everything humans,government and religious leaders represent. Every since I was borne in Canada and my parents signed me up for citizenship against my will. For some reason immigration Canada feels they have the right sell me a passport or refuse me a passport, and hold me prisoner in this country against my will. The geese don't need passports to cross the border so why should I? And why do I have to abide by humanities stupid law and the tigers don't. Just because I was borne the wrongs species when I was borne human and not a tiger. The government retains the right to promise freedom and then bastardize the shit out my freedom. My life should be my own to live my own way,but the government and religious dictators assumed they had the right to force there way into my life,wrecking and controlling my life. What part get out of my life government and religious pricks do you not understand?

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