Corruption at all levels

Discussion in 'Police Encounters' started by Matthew Buleza, Feb 7, 2018.

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    One time a friend of mine who was staying at my house sent a friend request by accident to an air force colonel by the name of Dan Janning. This air force colonel then sent plainclothes and "undercover" feds to harass me and my family by ringing my doorbell numerous times every day and by flashing the sirens on their squad cars and SUVs in front of my house at night. When I tried to explain to one of the goofballs that my friend sent a friend request to the wrong person, the fed who was wearing sunglasses and trying to be coy and smart simply said "As long as it doesn't happen again." The incident finally came to an end after about two weeks of harassment when me and a fellow neighbor of mine who noticed the harassment confronted the fed and told him we would defend ourselves against Janning's goons if they harassed us one more time. This was all it took, and the cowards left. Taxpayers money hard at work for ya.

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