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    My 53 yr old friend and I (63) witnessed a hit and run at a Sonic in Jacksonville. I photographed the thug's tag, and he came out of his car at me to attack me (a witness stated on his 911 call ''he's about to attack someone''). I placed my hand on my conceal carry and said ''no you don't''. He immediately stopped and got back into his car, and left immediately when his light turned green. We assumed he fled the area. We returned to our vehicle and wrote down the tag number from the picture, and returned to the Sonic to find the 'victim'. It turns out the thug worked there, was chewed out by the manager, and hit her truck when he stormed out. On her first 911 call, the operator asks ''so he hit it on purpose'' and she says ''well, yeah''. Unknown to us, the manager has seen the thug return to the Sonic and is looking for me to attack me again. On her second 911 call she says ''I have an employee and a customer about to fight'' then ''he is back in his car and is leaving''. This is when he circles the building, unknown to us, as I am on 911 telling the operator he has left the area, several times. My friend now exits his vehicle to approach the ''victim/manager'' and tells her ''I saw everything and have a photo of the tag''. At that time, the thug pulls behind our parked car and I tell the operator ''he's come back behind us and has us blocked in'' (all on the 911 calls) He approaches my passenger door and my friend confronts him and he says ''I'm gonna take that old mans gun and kill him''. He then attacks my friend, breaks 3 ribs and punctures his lung, then flees the scene A THIRD TIME. The cops show up and start to arrest my friend until the manager says ''no, he's the victim''. My friend doesn't realize how bad he is hurt and refuses the ambulance ride to the ER. Now, the cops refuse to speak to me (the manager states in a separate recorded interview how only she, the thug and my friend ''the three of us'' were talked to by the police. I ask ''when is someone going to take my statement?'' and they get nasty. At this time, my friend's lung starts to collapse and he almost falls to the ground and I have to drive him across the street to the ER. I return and the thug is WALKING AROUND AND I JUMP BACK IN MY FRIEND'S VEHICLE. I corner a cop and ask 'why isn't he in handcuffs''and he says something to the effect of ''there's been some changes in the story''. I ask why they won't take my statement and he says ''you are the last person we want to talk to'' and threatens me with ''if you want to push this, we can write you up as the aggressors'',, which is basically what they did. When we got the first report and saw where the cops falsified and FABRICATED OUR OWN STATEMENTS, we immediately filed Internal Affairs reports, which were rubber stamped closed. It took me almost a year to get the 911 calls, which prove our story. The cops refuse to take my friends report of assault and battery and won't send anything to the State Attorney, who also refuses to do anything. My friend is stuck with 30,000 dollars of ER and doctor bills, because the dirty cops falsified our statements. The manager clearly says '' I called you (911) originally because he hit my truck and a customer came up and said I have the tag number and a photo of the tag''.. In her IA interview,, SHE LIES HER ASS OF AND SAYS MY FRIEND NEVER SPOKE TO HER,, CLEARLY NOT WHAT SHE SAID ON THE 911 TAPE. After I paid a hundred bucks for the 911 calls, we finally found a lawyer to sue Sonic for his damages, but the dirty cops are still getting away with FALSIFYING A POLICE REPORT. HOW DO YOU FIGHT DIRTY COPS LIKE THIS? We believe this punk must have been an Informant or a Snitch or a Relative of a cop. He only got tickets for NO DRIVER'S LICENSE (learner's permit) NO PROOF OF INSURANCE AND IMPROPER BACKING. He was let off on the hit and run and felony assault. STAY AWAY FROM JACKSONVILLE FLA.. THE COPS ARE DIRTY ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.... I am a Capt in the USAFR (IRR) and Disabled Veteran. THIS IS HOW DIRTY COPS TREAT THE MILITARY IN JACKSONVILLE FLA...... Record everything and every encounter with the dirty cops...
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    Here's the response I get from our State Attorney General, Pam Bondi. Stuck in a catch 22.

    • Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi recently received your email regarding the handling of a criminal investigation by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. I am sorry for your difficulties.

      The investigation and prosecution of potential violations of criminal law such as those you have alleged in your complaint are under the jurisdiction of either your local police or sheriff's department and elected state attorney. I understand you have attempted to file reports with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and have concerns with the handling of the investigation. Pursuant to part VI of chapter 112, Florida Statutes (seewww.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/), each employing agency is responsible for the internal investigation of complaints against law enforcement officers. Therefore, I am forwarding your correspondence to Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams for review. Please follow up directly with Sheriff Williams at:

      The Honorable Mike Williams
      Sheriff of Jacksonville
      501 East Bay Street
      Jacksonville, Florida 32202-2975
      Phone: (904) 630-0500

      Now the funny thing I note here is this. The cops filed NO CHARGES against Zimmerman, yet THE STATE ATTORNEY DECIDED TO GO AFTER HIM... AND THE
      HIM,,, WTF??? I guess if my friend was a brother of another mother, he could get some justice......

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