Hail to former Chief Ray Forsythe, Ret., Visalia, C

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Do you agree we need better Chiefs and Sheriffs to make better cops?

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  1. Sneakyblonde

    Sneakyblonde New Member

    I am a former Peace Officer, and new to this site.

    When I was taking my C. J. courses, in the early 70's, I thought this set an incredible example, by the Visalia Chief of police! It set an example to be followed...
    Chief Ray Forsythe, of Visalia P.D. , California, Gave each Officer $20.00 a month in addition to their regular salary.
    This was for COFFEE! It was in the Visalia Times Delta newspaper, "ANY OFFICER ACCEPTING FREE COFFEE FROM A VISALIA MERCHANT, WOULD BE FIRED!"
    Chief Forsythe did not want any of his Officers to accept "gratuities". Not even a FREE CUP OF COFFEE!
    Where are the strong role models and leaders, like Visalia Chief of Police Ray Forsythe, (Ret.)? A Chief of Police, merchants, citizens and even his own Officers respected and looked up to?
    This type of Chief, is what is lacking and is sorely needed - to set a strong example of professionalism, starting at the top!
    I promise you, a lot of what I sadly read here, would not be happening! If there were stronger, moral, Chiefs and Sheriffs in office, to lead by example - we could fix the "bad cop" problems!
    Be careful who you elect by popularity. They make everyone happy, by not making "unpopular choices."
    Elect by strength, character and strong sense of personal morals.
    A leader of all, follower of none.

    I am proud to say, Chief Ray Forsythe, was my Instructor for several Criminal Justice classes at College of Sequoias.
    He truly was an excellent Instructor and Role Model!
    I will always respect him and I am grateful he was my Instructor.
    I try to emulate his examples, in my daily life.
    (I don't know if he was aware of his impact on me and many, many students and the whole City of Visalia.)
    Let's start more than a thread, start a movement for good cops.
    Let me know what you think.

    By: Sneaky Damned Blonde
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