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    Hello and thank u for chance to tell someone....
    ill make this very short to point
    Detective Energy police dept.
    Mother was scared of her youngest son a crooked evil cop.
    He ran off oldest who was taking care of his mother and always had.
    At her last dying moments he and his evil wife show up to finish his mother off in her own bed.
    He had in uniform and car intimidated and lied who he was to steal monies and accounts weeks before her death.
    He used name on badge to say he was oldest , who he had used badge and dirty good ole boys club to help him.
    all the meantime his wife used her federal computers at job to help in endevour...
    poor lady finally passed, her good son hiding while cop son threaten him if he returned.
    heres the clicker.....
    hijacked will
    will was very simple and strong( was done in front of judge).
    Executor of will( her dear friend and helper)..
    will says...good son gets all
    bad son was not forgotten by mistake he is excempt from will for his actions to his family.
    she was 83...when bad cop son showed up...she died in bed..
    his father he put in nursing home qas found in morning hung from his airhose.....
    he is hunting his oldest brother...
    he went 30 mins after his mother
    passed to another county in uniform badge and car ..threatened and abused 73 old excecutor of will..hunting for his brother..came back again ...he is bleeding internally and in hosp.
    Filled out complaint to illinois state police in duquoin ,il...they refused to take complaint....
    he has an attorney....doing 0.....
    All over alot of money..but none his...
    he just sent bill for his services for taking care of his own dead mother.
    Here are only a few on bill..
    50.00@day to carry mail in to house
    On and on
    But heres the worst!!!!!!
    50.00$ to use his dead mothers phone to call 911.....
    we are all telling u this story over and over to all web, news ect.
    Dont complain on spelling or ect.. most
    Of us that are doing this this evening dont do this daily...im sorry....
    If i were residents of williamson county , illinois...62959, all u are seeing is what corruption you see daily there.
    His brother the good one is running for his life...he has inhertence of millions..
    Evil brother cop taking all with help of corrupt franklin co. Attorney(we all believe the dirtiest county in U.S.)
    I told u this so if rherw is someone listening they can hwlp the oldwst son go get his mother off the funeral home shelf so that he may bury his mother, she has been there month, no obit, no funeral...0

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