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Discussion in 'Police Encounters' started by Gregory S Branz, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Gregory S Branz

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    What do you do when the police laugh at you about asking for help? Who actually does anything about police harassment even when they harass you out of your home. The taxpayers pay the police but yet the public is completely afraid of them so do they work for the government. Why have I been harassed in more than one state I haven't violated any laws. What state or county can I live in that I wont be harassed. In Michigan they told me to just get out of our area that's all we care about. So I left. It seems you do not have the right to free speech in this country or you will be harassed and the cops just join in on the fun.
  2. WolfPack

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    Ditto the same thing here in Angelina County TX. See vids I wa hoping copblock wuld help uncover this but to no avail. Guess we are on our own. Damn shame Do you know of a site that will hep us get the word out and report police abuse we damn sure need one BADLY

  3. Gregory S Branz

    Gregory S Branz New Member

    Hello wolfpack! I have experienced severe police harassment in my 58 years on this earth. One that I will never forget is listening to the flint Michigan police sit in a public restaurant and laugh about how many shots they got off at the public that week. I think everybody has been harassed at one time or another by a cop. They are just afraid to talk about it. Until the general public rises up with peaceful and lawful denonstrations to demand corruption be stopped it wont be stopped. I complained to my neighbor in St Clair county Michigan about the police going by my house and being mouthy or pointing at me and laughing and he called it in . then the police used anybody they could to get information about me for more harassment. It got so bad they put a retiree in an old squad car to follow me around and use the siren to be annoying. That was my second warning to get out of their area the first one was verbal. Because they were too lazy to protect me from another harassing entity. One cop told me I was interrupting him from getting his Jamoca shake at Mcdonalds by talking to him. Thank you for your service to this country you risked your life to defend it. Now unfortunately you put your health and life on the line to live in it. We can be sued or harassed for anything put in the public domain by anybody. I'm not as hopeful as you are about the court system. I worked in the court system and quickly learned that cops are revered by courts. Anything they say is gospel and the court will listen to you but largely ignore you. I don't hate cops I hate what they do. They want to perform their jobs by personal opinions rather than the law. They perform a vital job in this country and this country would be much better off if everybody got back to the laws and personal respect.
  4. You may have read my thread https://www.copblock.org/forums/thr...columbia-missouri-police-department.42/page-4 , if not, feel free to share there as well. The pervert cop and his "wife" showed up stupidly thinking there were going to be able to harass people here. The best thing to do is install a quality dash cam that records both inside/outside with audio. In today's society, the court of personal opinion can be just as damning for police acting illegally as the court system, anyway. Because one video and they are exposed to hundreds of thousands of people who all know who, what, and where they are.
  5. Gregory S Branz

    Gregory S Branz New Member

    I will get a dash cam thanks for advice. I'm also going to get a concealed carry permit with some legal insurance from the nra. I belive police corruption runs very deep in our government. The only way for real protection is to protect yourself. To say its just a few bad apples or there are just bad people in every profession is a complete understatement. I will elaborate in future posts on how my beliefs came to be.

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