have to show my ID?

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  1. Jenny

    Jenny New Member

    This cop said title 15 I have to show my ID.. If I'm not being detained do I have to show my ID this cop has videos up saying you do under title 15 please answer me I need answers
  2. Edward Adams

    Edward Adams New Member

    No you do not have to show your ID unless youcommited a crime
  3. brian

    brian New Member

  4. BikeAnotherDay

    BikeAnotherDay New Member

    The police report tells a totally different story... but if Miami Beach PD would actually investigate, they would find that my arrest was actually for declining to provide my FL ID (well that and the depts dislike of me for daring to speak up about bicycle safety)

    Unfortunately... the "You can beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride" saying is true
  5. brian

    brian New Member

    Like I posted above BROWN V. TEXAS tells it all. Unless you have committed a crime NO ID. they must have probable cause and reasonable suspicion think that's how its spelled any way before they stop, detain, search and seize, and demand ID. NO CRIME NO ID PERIOD..
  6. BikeAnotherDay

    BikeAnotherDay New Member

    I'm aware of that Brian... thats why I've been going on record repeatedly that my arrest was unlawful. And demanding an investigation into it (which MBPD has continually refused). What I was trying to say was that - even though it is illegal for them to do so, if you refuse to show a police officer your ID, you should be prepared for retaliation sometimes including unlawful arrest
  7. Ray W Smith

    Ray W Smith New Member

    yes, and probable cause is more than mere suspicion.
  8. Jeff Childress

    Jeff Childress New Member

    No you don't, and if they try to hold you that's fucking kid napping and you have a right to defend yourself, put a bullet in they fucking dome
  9. brian

    brian New Member

    I think you need to read BROWN V. TEXAS before you reply with such stupid ass bull shit reply as yes you have to. NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOW ID when there is no crime. It's only an issue when they LEGALLY ARREST YOU then and only then will you have to show your ID PERIOD!!!!! do your research before you spew bullshit....
  10. sharkbitbob

    sharkbitbob New Member

    Well, not to be overly defiant or anything, but I up and decided to let my California motor vehicle operators license expire on my birthday back in 2012. At the time, I drank way too much vodka and felt I was pushing my luck with all the DUI police state checkpoints we have out here nowadays. I'm thinking about getting a California ID card, but I may have waited too long - don't have a birth certificate and can't get a copy without photo ID, don't have a Social Security card, but want to get one because people are said to be getting money out of a secret funding source with it.

    Anyway, as bad as the police state has gotten out here in Cali, they still can't arrest you for not having a photo ID. If a police officer asks you to identify yourself, you simply give your name, age, and address - that is your identity, you know who you are, so if the cops want proof, oh well...
  11. brian

    brian New Member

    all you have to do to get a copy of your birth certificate is order it on line or call the hospital you were born at and pay for it. talk to your parents if the are still around. go to the Social security web site and apply for a S.S card it's that easy. if police ask for you for your ID you have every right to refuse if they do not have probable cause and reasonable suspicion of a crime period.

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