Haverhill, mass police deny your right to travel

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    My names Michael Hall, I'm 32 years old and have a 4 year old son. October 23rd 2016 my right to liberty was violated when sargent smith and his 3 lunderling cops stole my 1991 honda accord which had "right to travel non-commercial" on the trunk and falsified the criminal complaint stating i had "right to operate no commerce" on the trunk. The haverhill, mass police recently attacked me at the lafayette square gas station 1-18-2018. I was inside paying for gas and they came in to ask me about my yellow 1999 mercury mountaineer; 30 mims later officer tully and officer decarvalho had a supervisor come by and they towed my automobile... Arrested me for disorderly conduct; which i marked [u.d.michael hall] thus making the personal recognizance invalid. Haverhill police departments number is 978-373-1212 maybe we should all ask them why they think its ok to destroy a families lives by hurting them even more financially.

    My family has been poor and struggling for the last 3 years and these assholes had no care in the world to listen to what i had to tell them nor did they care about violating their own oath of office by violating my inalienable rights.

    This corrupt nation of cops is pushing good people to become terrorists against their own government. just like a man coming home to bombed house, he wasnt angry before nor was it his bomb to accept. And he still would have his family...

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