I got arrested for not Neutering my dog, and massaging without an license...and that's not the worse

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    I wanted to reach out to you to talk about some horrific things that the Police department of Las Vegas Metro PD are doing. I was put in Jail over two misdemeanors and denied my medical right in Jail.

    I am a white/Asian female, I live in Las Vegas, and I never once was an violent criminal, or stole anything in my life. I never actually hurt anyone, or caused any real crime. I am battling Sepsis, and my kidneys have medical issue so my immune system is weak.

    I was actually arrested in my own home. I had a dispute with a family member, they called the cops on me, and they arrested me for the two warrants I had. Both were misdemeanors, one was not neutering my dog and another was massage therapy without an license.

    They said I resisted when I asked if I could make a phone call, and two 300 pound male officers slammed me in the wall. They did not want to reveal their name and badge number to me when I asked. When I got the report back, they made their name ineligible.

    I actually went to school for massage therapy, but tuition is 13,000 and 7 months. They don't allow you to receive any money unless you have a license. I'm not poor but I'm not rich, and I couldn't keep up with the demands with school on a low income over 7 months to the point of starvation.

    I was given a ticket, and I was going to resolve that issue but I was hospitalized right after I gotten the ticket. I was in ICU over 2 months and home treatment for another 2. I was bedridden so I couldn't make it down to court, so that was the reason I had the warrants. I actually ended up getting a breeders permit from Animal control. I also heard that my charges were going to drop off since it had been over a year.

    When I was taken to jail just recently over the weekend and I am so horrified on what is really going on in the holding. I was put in solitary confinement without food or water for 12 hours, and they had me take an antibiotic that wasn't prescribed by my doctor on an empty stomach.

    Their breakfast is at 3:00 am and lunch is at 4:00 pm, and dinner is at some weird hour. I asked them to call my doctor because I had a medical contention, and they refused to call the doctor but instead give me an IV in jail.

    When I got arrested they wouldn't let me contact anyone, and I couldn't reach anyone in Jail over the phone. The reason I was put in solitary confinement was because the phone line wasn't working, and I was asking a question of why I couldn't call my own cellphone because I was testing if the phone would call out.

    Calling out on the line they give you is really difficult. They have you put in a 10 digit pin before you dial and the phones won't dial out unless someone charges money into an account for you to call.

    When I was put in solitary confinement, they put me with a homeless lady that had mental illness and I actually made friends with her. She looked ragged but she was a white lady. I sat down and talked with her, and she said that she was picked up for jaywalking. I could see that the cops roughed her up, later on they ended up dragging her out and hogtying her.

    I hadn't had the chance to eat or drink before getting arrested, I started throwing up and getting really sick. They took me out of solitary confinement and gave me an IV because my blood pressure was high from being dehydrated.

    I asked them several times to make a phone call to my doctor to get the correct medication, and they told me it was my fault I couldn't remember the name. They ended up giving me an antibiotic, but did not tell me what dosage it was.

    I started shaking from the medication because I had nothing to eat all day. When the only meal came it was two pieces of bread and a piece of sliced bologna that looked inedible. Nobody in holding ate their meal.

    I asked several times for medical attention because I was throwing up on the antibiotic they gave me. When I started throwing up because I had a pill on an empty stomach, they threatened to charge me with extra time.

    My husband ended up bailing me out of jail, but when her tried to bail me out they told him several times to fuck off because they didn't want to release me. Another inmate who was a blonde that was in the same cell with me didn't get out for over 36 hours even though her boyfriend posted bail. They were purposely losing people in the system to keep them longer.

    This is horrifying in so many ways.

    When I asked the people around me what charges were given to them, a lot of them were in jail for prostitution, or trespassing. EVEN THOUGH Prostitution is legal in Nevada, just not the area of Clark County or Henderson.

    People are getting raped, beaten, denied their medical rights in Downtown Metro.

    Also another issue was the fact that I got injected with a vaccine I did not consent to but they tell everyone that it is required by law, even though when I was processed I told them I did not consent to ANY medical procedures done on me and I refused to sign the form the consented to medical procedures.

    Imagine anyone can go to jail, and if you had any medical issues, you can not get proper food, you can't even call your doctor to ask for the medications that are prescribed to you.

    Just imagine the elderly, people with weaken immune systems, or mental disorders.


    I can't believe this is happening right now in the day that we live in.

    I want to bring awareness of what is happening to innocent people. I'm not talking about myself, but how many people are in there that need help. I want to bring awareness to the state that people in Jail have medical rights that not being met.

    They police force has stooped to targeting women now. This is just sickening.

    This is just plain abuse of power and just baffling.

    Thanks for reading my story. I really hope this really opens up the eyes to what is really going on.
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    The same thing happened to my friend Brian D. Hill. He was punished, framed, and was threatened by police to give a false confession which can be proven when cross examined with the forensic report. They didn't give him good medical care in all three county jails. Orange County Jail in Hillsborough, NC, Forsyth County Jail in Winston-Salem, NC, and Guilford County Jail in Greensboro, NC.

    They weren't giving him all of his prescribed and needed diabetic insulin, they kicked him repeatedly in the face until blood poured out of his noise then his clothes ripped off by the jail guards of Orange County yelling "I will rip your clothes off!" and "I will fry you like a turkey". They beat him senseless and almsto killed him because he had low blood sugar and they ignored it as they had no night nurse. All of this was described in his Amazon book "The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill".
    What they do to you, they have done to Brian my friend. They have done this to other inmates in the middle district of North Carolina federal circuit courts. The US Marshals are allowing these abuses.

    Even the FBI of Greensboro ignored all of his letters, even though lying to the FBI is a federal crime, so why would the FBI ignore all of his letters from jail instead of actually asking him questions and investigating his claims. Because the FBI in Greensboro is corrupt too and the jail abuses are permitted by the FBI and the US Marshals Service there.

    Some of the federal Judges are very corrupt to the core and protect the Public Defenders that don't represent their clients.

    He had been at one point almost died of a diabetic seizure because he was overdosed on his diabetic insulin and almost killed him had Forsyth County jail nurses not ran up there to give him a lot of juice. Brian fought with a grievance and that led to the Correct Care Solutions to work on retraining their nursing staff because Brian was ready to sue them, all that over an autistic meltdown he had because his own ex-Probation Officer lied about him and lied about what led up to the meltdown and made more false statements under Oath and got away with it.

    The jails are getting away with abuses, and corrupt Probation Officers can lie, cheat, and perjure before the Court and then Judge Thomas D. Schroeder will chastise him over his concerns of her lying on the stand in court. It is in the court transcript. The lies have gone too far and he has been abused by the state of North Carolina.

    I am sick of seeing law enforcement corruption, it scares me like we live in North Korea instead of America.

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