in fear of life from the Lewiston Police

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    I was randomly stopped by police on may 20th in response to a fight that had occured near my location. the person who was in the fight needed medical attention and where as i extracted the victim and was proceeding to get the unknown man medical attention he was with me when we were stopped by these brutes hiding behind badges. they demanded ID and when i would not provide my birthdate and asked if i was being detained the officer then started to act irrational and violent causing me to record this interaction. within seconds he admits to having no legal reason to detain me by saying "We dont know yet" when i asked what the reason for being detained is. exactly 1 minutes and 22 seconds after i started recording saying that i was feeling threatened by this violent officers advances he attacked me. he speared me to the ground, smashed my head on the concrete almost dislocated my shoulder before tossing me into the cruiser threatening all kinds of crimes he was "arresting" me for. Note: half of the crimes he listed are not crimes in almost every state including this one.
    i had a seizure in the cruiser to which i was accused of faking and denied medical attention.
    they have repeatedly harassed me to severe levels including a blatant show of force to my parents in follow up with a fully anonymous report to child protective services alleging sexual misconduct may be occurring between myself and every underage person in my family. this was follow with roughly 5 officers showing up to my house to investigate and intimidate. Even CPS stated on recording that they were unaware why 5 officers were needed. the chief of police stated one official stories via email, the lead detective stated no knowledge whatsoever in regards to anything occurring on that day to a residence that was not my own. the chief of police stated that i was investigated for a report of sexual abuse of a minor but after having CPS read the report over the phone while i recorded them, during the reading no crimes were stated just that i was around my family for an extended period of time. i am not sure where the crime lays there. I am not on probation and i do not have any conditions of release nor am i under any court order so this blatant show of force is nothing more than a scare tactic. The video of my attack can be found on YouTube by searching the phrase, ( Lewiston Police Attack ). i went to court where the DA did not file any charge due to lack of evidence and lack of seriousness of the allegation against me. i have been on bail until yesterday because of this alleged crime of disorderly conduct given to me by the corrupt officer that caused me physical injury for not doing as he said. please get as much attention to this matter as you can. we the people do not live in a police state and should not be afraid to help a fellow american in need. PS the attackers of the man who was being beatdown were all immigrants recently brought to the city. i even received a threat from one of the attackers until he noticed my open carry friend beside demanding to know what the "losers" problem was.
    I am so afraid for retaliation by police that i am planning on moving away from their reach and i now go every where armed with a taser, mace, and a machete all out in the open. attached you will find photos of some of the injuries sustained. i cannot give credit for the damage a grand maul seizure causes that is blatantly ignored. The IA asked me to take a blood test to prove i ever had a seizure. and here i am thinking i had rights to privacy and the right to walk free from harassment and molestation.

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    Can you post the video?
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    video is available online at youtube

    keep in mind there is a second witness who videoed it as well and that video is also on my youtube profile.

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