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    My father was the victim of dafimation from some one who has a grudge against my father. He his a coloured man from Trinidad. He is a father of six, and one of his childrein has a permanant disablity. This person lied to the police. Threatned family members to lie to the police. The Ebrum Opp discriminated against my father and my whole family. He was taken into into custody without evidence. They beat him while in custudy, and they preformed sleep depravation ; which in Canada is illigal to do to citizens. They took my fathers cell phone without a search warrant. The person who lied to the police had put a recording app on the phone. The police downloaded all the information. We leatter went over all the messges, and there was a call to the Embrum OPP., of some one pretending to be my mother filing a report against my father. They did not investigate or use that evidence at all. There are tones of voices recrodings that proves my father was framed. The phone coversation had the person planing everything out. My brothers said they were threatned to make false statments. My mother said she made one out of fear and threats. She contacted me to say that she had been asaulted. We contacted the police to report the incoidenct. My mom's hand was swollen. The officer came said that my mom was not assaulted. They then claimed me and my brothers were liers and that they were not being threatned. The officer then said my father was guilty. With lack of evidence, my father was discharged from the seyetem, but he was treated like a chriminal , he was not able to see leave the country see his realitives funeral, and he was not able to take on a job. The police have also parked there car at my dad's driveway. They ticketed him , and they suspended his lincnce without notice. They are going out of there way to target my father beacuse they we not able to keep him. We are curenlty filing for the human rights tribunal, but my father is going through a difficult time finncaly beacuse of this event. We are trying to get atention and we have a go fund me page jutice for my dad.

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