LAPD won't help me because of copwatch videos

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    PLEASE this matter that I am about to tell you really still haunts me to this day! I never got justice - as of right now I sm sitting in my var (my only home for right now) crying cause the thought of this still affects me! I'm afraid to go downtown. It's hard for me to admit that. What happened to me is a gross injustice and there's no one to help me! I mean I just feel this whole situation is fucked up and I need a lawyer, someone to help me! I haven't been lucky. I had been staying in a homeless shelter a few months back and now I am living in my car but I tried calling lawyers to no avail. This involves the LAPD. I can't hold it in anymore. It's been haunting me. I need help. It is hard to talk about right now so I will just relay the story which I wrote in an affadavit. Here it is: I know that you are a law firm that represents criminal law (tho. I may be needing that soon) but I need to say and I feel time is of the essence that I am the victim of selective enforcement at the hands of the LAPD. I used to be a copwatcher which is in part why they are messy with me esp. NOW and I have documentation. I am also now homeless. The LAPD KNOWS this which is why they are messing with me more so than ever and let me go ahead and explain what is going on:

    On Nov. 5, 2016, I recall it was a Friday - I was the victim of assault and robbery at the hands of some people in an artist loft: a girl grabbed me by the hair, punched me in the face, kicked me while I was on the floor. At one point, a male punched me in the face, choked me and stole my phone while I was calling 911. That said, when I went to the cops I recall, they refused to arrest them and steadily made fun of my previous copwatch videos, I overheard one call me, "crazy," and basically gave off the impression they wouldn't help (I have an affadvit that thoroughly explains everything) and when I read the report - they listed it as simple battery though I had scars AND a stolen phone from the incident. When I noticed the people came back, cops refused to come back and arrest them. That said, the next day, I went down to the same station with a friend to have the police do a civil standby and come back so I can safely get some of my possessions. They relented after initially refusing and when they came back - I noticed at one point Sgt. Kouvelis got aggressive with me, stayed behind and spoke with the people who were participants in the incident. Make a long story short, I received a barrage of text indicating the cops told her things about me she didn't know beforehand, such as porn that I did and saying I have a history with the cops alluding to my past copwatching for which I have evidence they have a bias against me for. That said, before then, when I contacted the detective's bureau, they refused to do anything and I could hear one over the phone refer to me as, "That tramp." That said, fast forward to Dec. 6, when I went back to get the rest of my belongings. I was told later they had a "wanted poster" but couldn't find me. Two weeks ago - on Jan. 20 - I was picked up for "Felony Assault with a deadly weapon" and the weapon was PEPPER SPRAY. I stayed in jail for about 5 days cause the same people who had assaulted and robbed me claimed that I did something to them in December. While in custody, I overheard two sheriff's deputies state that LAPD was gonna issue a subpoena deuces tecum to make the "victims" show up to court. When I was released, I noticed that the LAPD stole my 2.45 I had on me, which I can confirm thru picture and videographic evidence (they returned my Mexican pesos but NOT my American $2.45, indicating someone stole it and the LA County jail worker on tape can confirm it).I recall at the civil standby asked me, "Do you plan on leaving and going back to New Orleans?" as if that is their intent. I feel like because they know I'm homeless and have no one, they are gonna get worse. I have extensive documentation to prove their selective enforcement against me over the years plus a more exhaustive letter of what happened. If you are unable to help, will you be able to at least refer me to someone?? Thank you!

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