Looking for experiences - Masters Thesis on Copwatching

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    Hi guys,

    My name is Jeremy and I am researching the effects of the internet on social activism for Utrecht University in The Netherlands, but I am originally from Australia. I am trying to see how the internet and social media can inspire social action such as filming the police or protesting police brutality. This study is very important to understand how communities are able to empower themselves with the use of digital technology to subvert systems of oppression back onto the state. You can see a program such as this in the below link, where indigenous Australians in rural areas are being taught how to Cop-watch and be empowered to take back their communities.

    With your help, I want to see how websites and the internet can transform sporadic filming of the police to a national movement, and inspire social change. I believe you all may have a few things to say about this and I am would absolutely love to hear back from you to hear about your experiences with the police, what can be done and how the internet is able to facilitate this. If you wish to speak to me privately, my facebook is jeremy colin duncan.

    Many thanks for your time!



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