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    Hi Community,

    It has been over five years since my initial encounter with a series of events caused by my former ex, my mother, family, ex's, and peers. My child's father repeatedly abused his military police authority and contacts that he once had and bullied me with people he taught in middle school calling police and DCF making false reports to try to rob me of my son and freedom because I left him for numerous issues.

    One evening after I had 19 days of working everyday taking care of elderly in a nursing home, I went shopping and did laundry with my son and a boy friend helping me watch my child when police came knocking on the apartment door.

    On October 16, 2012 in Ocala, FL, deputies Daniel Trammell ID 4796, Simpson ID 5463, and Sergeant Dietrich ID 430 arrived at an apartment my son and I had been visiting.

    The neighbor behind the apartment called the police who I found out had been communicating with my former ex to set me up because I dumped him, driving by my house stalking me with my child's father and his friends harassing me making numerous well being checks claiming I was his wife. I had to let police know we were never married and to stop harassing my family and I. It never ended.

    The neighbors called and Deputy Daniel told me that someone called the police because of a child playing outside in a pool alone that deputies lied about having four inches of water that had more like two.
    I reported to police that I had been in the shower getting ready for bed while my child wanted to play outside while a boy friend watched the child. Neighbors lied to police and said the child had been left outside for 45 minutes when I had only been home 15 minutes and had paper receipts from the store I later submitted to the defense attorney. The police said I locked my door, and it had not been locked and the kiddy pool had a few inches of rain water surrounded by a privacy fence childproofed to keep the child safe.

    The other deputies arrived on the scene shortly as one photographed my child playing.
    I reported that I cooked a quick pizza for dinner letting him play in his diaper before bed.

    I looked through the blinds and opened the door to find out what had been the reason for them being at the apartment.

    Deputy Daniel asked me if the toddler belonged to me and I said yes. Deputy asked me why he had been locked out and I said no he wasn't, the door was unlocked.
    I became annoyed "defensive" about why they were here.

    In the written report, deputy Daniel lied and said I told them I was in the bathroom watching my son from a camera system. That there was no cameras on the patio. Deputies lied about why I left my son outside saying I left him outside because he was throwing a fit inside and that I said he was wet from sweat which is not what I stated.

    The boy friend helping me then came up and started yelling at deputies and would not listen to me to go and sit down. Sergeant Dietrich billowed in his face yelling, "This is a child investigation and you need to comply!" as arrogant and unprofessional for both men to be acting out on my case.

    Deputy lied in report saying that the boy friend stated we were in the shower together which caused the delay in answering the door.

    The deputy asked about the camera system and I did become angrier by the minute. I was tired, and extremely defensive.
    The deputies lied about what I said in the report saying I stepped back into my apartment and yelled at him to "fuck himself" and to "fuck off" along with other obscenities.

    I actually said, "Why don't you leave us the fuck alone. This is bullshit!"
    I grabbed my son and shut the door in the deputies faces and the three deputies violently pushed the door open and yanked my left arm and shoved me forward towards the other end of the patio trying to slam my face into it. I managed to yank my wrist out of Deputy Daniel's hand and protect myself from being attacked.
    The deputies did not say that I was being arrested violating my Miranda rights, use of excessive force, and violating the Search and Seizure Act after deputies entering in the apartment to search for cameras without a warrant for a search.

    Deputy Daniel stated in the report that he said I was under arrest for child neglect and falsified the information.
    As all three deputies were trying to pull my arms back, I did resist them yelling, "what are you doing" and they did not respond like they said they did in the report.

    I stood in a stance where deputies could not move my body or my arms and locked into position and waited as I yelled at them to tell me what they were doing to me.

    The neighbors lied to deputies saying that someone told the toddler to be quiet which was untrue.

    The report leaves out that the deputy eventually managed to move me outside to his squad car, still never telling me I was being arrested, bent me over the hood of another squad car revealing my nude ass as my nightgown did not cover my thighs yanking my arms back and cuffing them.

    I continued to resist as the deputy fought with me to move into the other squad car.
    I eventually accepted and let the deputy Daniel place me in his car.
    Daniel had placed the photograph in evidence at the South Multi District Office after calling DCF abuse hotline speaking with a women Claire ID 389 who reported the incident and notified the Crisis Intervention Specialist (CIS) Turner ID 2256 of event.

    The case had been closed for with arrest.

    I had been taken into the Marion County Jail after deputy Daniel antagonizing me said I would be back here in jail.
    Case had been dropped and abandoned.

    This incident of corruption from citizens, my family, my ex and his family have caused permanent damage to my family to this day and I have never gotten over this because of the amount of lies that destroyed my family more so than it was.
    My child and I's relationship is permanently damaged. My son acted out while in foster care, was malnourished and not taken care of well. He was healthy and well before going through all this.
    To this day, my child tells me he feels like dying sometimes because people are mean.
    I found out last year that I signed all my rights off to my child because in court no one explained to me what I was signing when I gave up custody to go to college and join the military to get my life in order. The child's family to this day are cruel to my child and I brainwashing my child into calling the mother of my ex mom and that I threw my child into a pool as the reason why we are separated. I want my son to have the ugly truth and everyone to read my story on what really happened.
    People posted horrible comments online to the article along with a jealous women from Germany who hated me for reasons unknown.

    My father said that the police told him they would have gave me a warning if I had not yelled at deputies in anger.

    My defense attorney reported that my child's father had been behind the report the whole time and never to trust him.

    My father has been cruel to me for years, saying that I don't ever need custody of my child, that I do not have the patience, that I don't need more children and calling me a shitty mother. None of the things said are true. Today, my child is well behaved and in honors doing great. Before the incident, my child had been in an advanced learning program and reported healthy and above average.
    The only issue today is the negative mental health concerns for my child and I.
    Since then, I have suffered from severe depression and suicidal thoughts.
    Until recently, my mental health has improved intercepted by healthcare plans.
    I sacrificed my life to give life and be happy with it, not destroyed like it is now, having to start over.
    I never in this world thought I would have almost married a monster who destroyed all of our lives for a time, and permanently damage them with the negative imprint this whole matter has on my precious child and I.

    Starting over, I write this because of how much this has suffered my child and I's hearts and lives to the recent investigations into Marion county law enforcement whose former Sheriff resigned.

    I to this day never will forget the trauma in my life caused by law enforcement.
    One deputy had raped my mother in front of me as a toddler, then deputies destroyed my family life in the wake of a jealous resentful ex.
    There had been multiple people involved in this case that I learned later who were working together in multiple attempts to take my child from me because my ex wanted revenge against me for making him my ex and to have my child for themselves.
    So much had happened and I had been scorned by love. Some of my closest acquaintances, the boyfriend and my MMA trainer had been involved in trashing my life.
    The truth had surfaced long after this event and I never want this to happen to another excellent single mother.
    I am hoping my message gets out there to end citizens and law enforcement preying on people like my child and I.
    I prayed to God that justice would be served to all the people involved in hurting us. I admit that I was wrong for saying what I said and being disrespectful to deputies, but this is no way to handle civilians and is wrong.

    I hope that the deputies have been punished in some form or another for this as the other people involved have.

    I fight against bullies and stand up for others and myself, so should you.
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    Sounds like You fought a War without bullets.I used to believe in Justice,and The Truth Will win Out after reading about Your Ordeals it has cemented My belief That Guilty until proven innocent is how the system works and the convincing Sociopathic Liars come off as calm and matter of fact when those of us telling the truth come off as Paranoid,A Little Hysterical Whatever!

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