Metropolitan Police Service, London Constables Unlawfully Search Cameraman

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    What lead up to this was that I came down to Wembley Stadium on the FA Cup Final day and decided to film a couple of Police officers who were stood outside the stadium on football duties. I was approached by these officers and was asked a few questions which I refused to answer. I got closer to the stadium and two more Police officers, Constable Jack Jefferies and Constable Rob West from the Metropolitan Police Service, London approached me and asked what I was doing. I refused to answer that or any other questions and was subsequently detained for a search by Jefferies under section 1 PACE 1984. My camera phone was removed from my possession and turned off. I was then taken to the nearby Police van and searched under section 1 PACE for any offensive weapons. I was placed in the van and forced to sit in the uncomfortable sideway facing seating position. During my detention I was asked for my name, address and date of birth by another constable under section 50 Police Reform Act 2002 but refused to provide it. The Police eventually identified me by my debit card which I was carrying with me and ran a check against the name displayed on it which is my own. They then allowed me to leave the van at which point a plain clothes Police officer, Sergeant Simon Tagg based at West End Central Police station took video footage of me. I was then given my property back and spoken to by a Police Inspector, Inspector Mark Gallacer who works in Hounslow, London as a member of the Senior Leadership Team who informed me that I was banned from the Wembley Stadium footprint by the landowner and that two officers would be following me to ensure that I did not breach this ban. I was also given a stop and search form which stated that my search was in fact carried out under section 43 Terrorism Act 2000 and not section 1 PACE 1984. I then waited for these two officers who turned out to be the same officers that I had met earlier, Constable Jefferies and Constable West, to become available to join me before I went on my way continuing to film on an on and off basis. Eventually both of these rogue officers, Jefferies and West, left me alone and went back towards Wembley Stadium. I waited a few minutes for them to get away from me before I returned to the area surrounding Wembley Stadium and continued to film there.

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