Miami Beach Cyclist Beat Up By Cops; Runs For Mayor

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    Hey all! Not sure if this is the right place to post this... Has the run for office strategy been used by anyone here? I am running for Mayor in large part because of the city of Miami Beach's unwillingness to even conduct an IA investigation into an illegal arrest

    Here is my campaign press release:
    Here is my recounting of the events surrounding my arrest:
    Many of the videos on this channel are related as well You folks might appreciate this one. Watch to the end:

    I'd love feedback from anyone here with political experience. My theory is that if I can become their bosses' bosses' boss - I should have some say in making sure MBPD is accountable for their actions. The City of Miami Beach has a long history of corruption, so its an uphill battle
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    Follow up: As a no-name candidate I was completely ignored by the local media. Politically 'active' neighborhood associations hosted candidate forums and meet & greets... conveniently without inviting me. Those that I found out about on my own, I was clearly an unwelcome guest at.

    Meanwhile, the heavyweight candidate's school buddy (whom I had hired to represent me in a near fatal hit and run) sued me to force a settlement that would leave me with nothing - stripping me of the right to seek compensation and justice for what may have been an attempted homicide. Although the evidence was heavily in my favor, the court had its mind made up before I even said a word, and ruled against me. As a result of this, I have lost my good health, my livelihood and am currently losing my home. For daring to speak up and demand police officers do their jobs, I am quite literally about to end up homeless

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