Norfolk Constabulary (Police), UK arrest homeless man for refusing health care

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    This video shows Norfolk Police, UK in action again. They decided to arrest a homeless man for lawfully refusing health care in order to "prevent a breach of the peace":

    Not only is this Police behaviour immoral, and plainly unconstitutional as the UK constitution, specifically the Magna Carta, prohibits the state from arresting, detaining, imprisoning, exiling, or otherwise ruining a freeman i.e. citizen of the UK who is not currently imprisoned, amongst other things without due process i.e. a judgement or that person's peers, or according to the "law of the land" i.e. jus commune, not to be confused with common law, this behaviour is also illegal, as UK law does not allow someone to be arrested for refusing medical care.

    Arrest to prevent a breach of the peace can only be used for actual or potential violent disturbances, and even then only whilst the situation i.e. breach of the peace is still current, this is defined by the case law made in the Judgement of R v Howell. The lawfulness of this arrest power is further clarified by the case law made in the Judgement of Foulkes v Chief Constable of Merseyside. Chief Constable is Police Chief in US English, and Merseyside is a county in England.
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