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    I visited the seaside town of Gorleston, Norfolk and saw officers dealing with a road traffic collision. I decided to film them doing so and protest by shouting the words "NAZI SCUM" and "FASCIST SCUM" as they were behaving over the top. After about 10 minutes, one of the officers, PC Potter 228 approached me and said that I was "under arrest on suspicion of section 5" before cautioning me and handcuffing me "to protect me and my colleague" which was not a lawful justification for the use of handcuffs. I was then placed in the rear of a Police van and driven to Great Yarmouth Custody centre by Sergeant Jermy with another officer, PC Bowles 1440 accompanying me in the van whilst Potter and his colleague PC Prescott 845 followed up in a car. I was then booked into custody by Sgt Johnson and Potter provided her with the circumstances of my unlawful arrest. My detention was then authorised and I was placed in a cell. Eventually I was charged with an offence of intentionally causing alarm, harassment or distress contrary to section 4A Public Order Act 1986 and an offence of obstructing a Police Constable (namely PC Potter) contrary to the Police Act 1996. I was then released on bail with conditions not to enter Great Yarmouth and went home. I was subsequently arrested for breaching my bail condition by entering Great Yarmouth and taken to Norwich Magistrates Court where I was asked how I pleaded to the two offences. I did not plead and a "not guilty" plea was entered. I was then released on unconditional bail to attend Norwich Magistrates Court again in a few months. I attended and the trial date was relisted. After I attended court again, the section 4A charge was downgraded to a charge of causing alarm, harassment or distress contrary to section 5 Public Order Act 1986 and I again refused to plead. A "not guilty" plea was entered on my behalf by the court and I stood trial in relation to both offences. I was convicted, given two six month conditional discharges (to run concurrently) and given a Criminal Behaviour Order for 24 months. This order had two conditions namely that I must not: contact any member of Norfolk Constabulary staff directly or indirectly unless I am in danger or making any recording (audio, video or photograph) of any member of Norfolk Constabulary staff or any Norfolk Constabulary building or premises.

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