Norfolk Constabulary UK Unlawfully arrest me for breach of Criminal Behaviour Order again

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    On the 3rd February 2018 I decided to visit the city of Norwich, UK and engage in some peaceful outside Bethel Street Police station, Norwich by sticking two fingers up at it. At that point two Police officers, Constable Palmer 763 and his unknown colleague approached me and Palmer then used section 50 Police Reform Act to demand my date of birth, which I refused as he didn't have the power to take this information.

    He then ran me through PNC and Crimint and it came up that I had a Criminal Behaviour Order in force which prohibited any contact with Norfolk Constabulary staff or officers and any recording (by film, sound or photograph) of Norfolk Constabulary staff or officers. I was then arrested on suspicion of breach CBO, handcuffed to the front stack position and placed into the rear of a Police van which was subsequently called to the scene and driven by PC Allum 54.
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