Norfolk Constabulary UK Unlawfully arrest me for breach of Criminal Behaviour Order

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    In July 2017 I was protesting outside Bethel Street Police station and unlawfully arrested for breach of CBO. The circumstances were that I mentioned the name of a particular officer, PC Allum 54 and said that he was a rogue officer. He then approached me and informed me that I was under arrest for breach CBO, he then handcuffed me to the front stack position and requested that a van attend to transport me to the custody suite at Wymondham. I was then taken there, booked in and placed into a cell. I was then interviewed, returned to my cell and charged with breach CBO. I was then remanded into Police custody to prevent further offence and produced before Norwich Magistrates Court where I pleaded not guilty to the charge and was bailed on condition that I do not enter Norwich (as defined by the inner ring road). On 17.11.2017 I was arrested for breach of bail the previous day, which I denied and was subsequently found to be in breach of bail by Norwich Crown Court and remanded into custody until further notice. On 24.01.2018 I pleaded guilty to that charge in addition to another charge of breach CBO and was subsequently bailed pending a pre-sentence report. I have subsequently applied to vacate the guilty plea to this charge and am awaiting my hearing on 12.04.2018 at King's Lynn Crown Court.

    The terms of the order prohibit me from:
    1) Having any contact with Norfolk Constabulary staff or officers unless I am in danger or for the purposes of reporting a crime.
    2) Recording (by film, sound or photograph) any Norfolk Constabulary staff or officers.
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