Officer causes an accident and walks away without a ticket

Discussion in 'Police Encounters' started by Lori Tremaine, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Lori Tremaine

    Lori Tremaine New Member

    Has anyone else had any accidents involving the police? I was going home from the movies with my family and a Chula Vista police officer speeds through a red light with no emergency signals on and admitted to the whole thing! He was looking at his computer and "thought" he had a green light. Driving distracted and runs a red light and doesn't even get a ticket! WTH!!! I would have no doubt about it. I'm so sick of policemen doing whatever they want with no consequences what so ever!
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  2. Marcus Potter

    Marcus Potter New Member

    Raise this with Internal Affairs, this will use up their time at the minimum.
  3. Edward Adams

    Edward Adams New Member

    I live in Louisiana. And the same thing would have happen here but a trooper saw the whole wreck and that cop got 4 tickets for not following. The law
  4. Edward Adams

    Edward Adams New Member

    Cops get away with anything they do that's why I'm forming central Louisiana copblock they think they above the law herein Louisiana
  5. brian

    brian New Member

    cops tink they are above the law and that it dose not apply to them..

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