Officer Cox whitman county wa sheriffes dept, trespass's and makes warrentless arrest

Discussion in 'Police Encounters' started by carguy78, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. carguy78

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    Officer Tony Cox of Whitman county wa, sheriffs dept. waited over a hour after I parked car, and then ran up on private property without invitation or a warrant and arrested me for driving on a suspended. He performed no traffic stop, I had no idea my license was suspended. He then harassed me for a complaint I made to sheriff about his and a couple others officers actions towards me a few years ago. The Sheriffs defended the officer in his actions. What is this country coming to when cops can simply violate our rights, trespass and do so without a warrant.
  2. Stoney

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    A POLICE STATE! a nice little gift from George W Bush!

    They'll be back for your guns next!

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