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  1. "Officer" Mitchell Jones, (Columbia Missouri Police Department. 3909 Thornwood Dr, Columbia MO 65202. Drives an old, dark blue Dodge Challenger) has targeted and harassed people in the community the entire time he has been employed, which is hopefully coming to an end shortly. He is nothing but a criminal who managed to obtain a badge to hide behind. Jones has been reported for harassing young,people of color in our downtown college area, making racist remarks while detaining/ trying to search them for no reason. He also has photos all over social media of him dressed in a black curly wig , holding a cardboard sign saying things like "I need money for drugs".

    He has sexually harassed women after getting their information from a stop..following them in different vehicles, Contacting their friends and family etc.
    After he got reported countless times, he began waging campaigns of harassment against the people he previously targeted, to cover his ass. He began stalking out their places of business, churches, friends, jobs, etc and making up idiotic fabricated claims of them having criminal records for things like theft or drug use (obviously none do) or claiming that they're having adulterous affairs with coworkers or neighbors in an attempt to discredit and slander them .

    Not surprisingly, Jones is the one who is 'friends' with convicted violent criminals whom he gets to act as thugs and harass women on his behalf(likely by bribing them with confiscated drugs or other contraband, as other criminal cops have done) by following them, vandalizing their property, verbally assaulting them, etc. At least one or more women is taking legal action against Jones and the thugs he involved in this, however, there is a history of this sort of behavior being allowed at this police department and it WILL continue to be exposed. There is no way Jones is remotely mentally stable enough to be in law enforcement in any capacity, and I highly suspect he is on some sort of drugs, as both he and the people he associates with and dates look and behave erratically like drug addicts. He poses a danger to our community and needs to leave. If you know anyone in the area, please share this post with them.

    I have linked to an very old photo of him, for general reference, as there were none available in police uniform
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  2. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Photo of him mocking the homeless/poor. Hiring this type of scum is precisely what leads to good LEO being disrespected and attacked. Continue to spread his photos and information of his illegal actions. He can no longer hide and terrorize citizens who are paying him to 'serve and protect'.

    The same will be done to any and all bottomfeeders that try to harass other citizens on his behalf, also. So to any other trash that know Jones' and may be reading this, I highly suggest you think twice.[​IMG] [​IMG]
    And if he continues to follow citizens in his ugly car, pics of it and his plates are going up next .

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  3. Blue lives matter

    Blue lives matter New Member

    Waiting for that picture of his car and plates. Would love to get you arrested on stalking .
    Good to see you care so much about police officers, you are willing to put one's life on the line by giving out his address and car info. If something happens it's on you. And hiding behind your computer won't help you.
  4. Wcreacy

    Wcreacy New Member

    That's the police department address
  5. Blue lives matter

    Blue lives matter New Member

    No it's not. It'd be awfully strange for the police department to be in the middle of a neighborhood.
  6. Here's whats going to happen you cocksucking, whitetrash piece of shit: Every time you harass myself or others on this board, your criminal buddy MITCHELL JONES at 3909 THORNWOOD DR, COLUMBIA MO, DARK BLUE DODGE CHALLENGER will be re-posted three more times. Got that? Jones is a criminal stalker, befriends criminals with violent backgrounds to harass people and vandalize their property, sexually harasses women, and makes a fool of himself attempting to slander people better than he'll ever be with the most idiotic, laughable rumors that only an inbred degenerate with a GED could think of. He WILL be exposed until he gets the hell out of OUR city where OUR taxes pay him. So I highly suggest you run your worthless ass back to whatever community college you crawled out of . OH, and here's an approximation of the model of MITCHELL JONES' ugly car until I get the real one up. Good enough for ya for now? If he doesn't want his car, or disgusting face plastered on the internet, guess he should stop stalking citizens. But I guess that's hard to understand with a GED an 1 year of training, isn't it? The days of putting up with shit-for-brains uneducated thugs hiding behind a badge are over with.

    Anything else to say??

    Oh, and you're free to go ahead and identify yourself so I can stick your worthless ass up here too. You are completely beneath me and you better feel honored I responded to your worthless drivel. [​IMG]
  7. Blue lives matter

    Blue lives matter New Member

    Wow Chiny, you sure got heated. XOXO
  8. To everyone else who may be skeptical reading these forums, the coward behind "Blue lives matter" is EXACTLY why sites like this exist and is the reason why the GOOD police get treated with disrespect. "Blue lives matter" has no concerns about MITCHELL JONES mocking homeless citizens in the city he is paid to serve. "Blue lives matter" is not concerned with MITCHELL JONES racially harassing citizens. "Blue lives matter" is not concerned with MITCHELL JONES befriending criminals with violent past convictions and bribing them, probably with drugs, to harass citizens on his behalf. "Blue lives matter" is not concerned with the likelyhood of people getting raped and murdered while MITCHELL JONES wastes our money stalking citizens in his shitty car , trying (and failing) to use his pea-sized brain to think up rumors that might somehow negatively affect them.

    Criminal trash like MITCHELL JONES will never be respected. Want respect?Get the trash out of your police forces. Nothing else you say will matter until then.

    Maybe the site owner can let us know what "Blue lives matter's IP address is ??
  9. Where are you "Blue lives matter" ?Service drop at Mcdonalds while you were shoveling greasy fast-food from the Dollar Menu into your worthless, white-trash maw? Perhaps just so poorly educated that it takes you hours to remit some semblance of a response that doesn't immediately expose you as the hopeless, C- student that is now a sub-par failure of an adult making 35K while most of the society laughs at or attacks you, justifiably or not? No one is going to allow barely literate thugs to stalk and harass them while they pay their salary, so if that's what you assumed, you were misinformed. Maybe if you play your cards right you can get a job at Starbucks, probably pays as much. Just don't screw my order up and get reported at that job, too.

    Oh, and I guess MITCHELL JONES got his disrespect for the homeless from his father who let a homeless woman die in her jail cell . Trash begets more trash.Get out of our city and don't return.
  10. Blue lives matter

    Blue lives matter New Member

    Chiny, Chiny, Chiny... not all of us are self employed writers with all the time in the world on our hands. I'd have assumed you'd have plenty to write about. You are pretty good at making up scandalous lies about people. Sure keeps me entertained while I shovel food in my mouth at Mcy D's. It's a shame your research isn't that great though. If it was you'd know Mitch went to a 4 year university where he graduated with 2 degrees. In criminal justice and psychology. Your Facebook creeping skills are mad talented though. Congrats. Looks like you got at least a grade school education in.
    And lets be real, Starbucks burns their coffee, ain't no one got time for that. XOXO
  11. Can we ban "blue lives matter" who has proved itself to be a troll spewing random names and speaking in 3rd person. Mitchell Jones, it takes you hours to form a semi-coherent thought. Do not waste our time. You will continue to be exposed to this city.Period. And you're more than welcome to get mad that your little game is up. You're not getting your way, nor will you ever. You have been investigated multiple times .

    " If something happens it's on you. And hiding behind your computer won't help you."

    LOL. If any piece of shit thug that you bribe with drugs to harass people tries in any way to physically harm us, they'll be put down like the animals they are. For the last time get the hell out of my city. You're just embarrassing yourself at this point,moronic white trash.
  12. Blue lives matter

    Blue lives matter New Member

    Just curious who this "we" is... So far it's only been you Chiny. And no, there are no investigations ongoing into any of the lies you keep telling on obscure sites like this.
    You keep saying his stalking people and has all these thug buddies, but where is your proof? If any of these claims were remotely true, don't you think IA would have opened an investigation by now? That all of these people who have been harassed by him would have come forward with proof to the department?
    A department where a high school degree is a requirement, so your GED comment is false.
    It seems to me that you lack the evidence to support your claims about Mitch which is why you are attacking me and insinuating I am Mitch.

  13. You can talk in 3rd person all you want. You don't know who I am. Nor who anyone else is who has reported you. Nor will you until you get served your lawsuit along with anyone else who covers up your criminality. You're free to post whatever you want, you'll just end up getting sued by anyone else who you libel and and I'd be happy to let them know. Enjoy losing your cheap slab house to the bank. If you want to contest these 100% true postings as libel. I assume you have proof you were forced, under duress, to dress up like a fool and make derogatory signs about the homeless, and proof that you were forced, under duress, to call places of business harassing the people you have targeted by making bogus claims that they have criminal theft records. I will assume you have proof that you were forced, under duress, to to sexually harass women by telling 3rd parties they are engaging in affairs with with married individuals . Because your whiny voice is on tape doing just that, and when the time is right, it will be used.

    By the way, your slackjawed face and shitwater colored hair look worse than that wig and costume, so you should have saved your little 35k salary. And taking 4 years to complete a 1 year training program doesn't mean you went to a 4 year school; It means you're a moron. You have been reported and investigated over MULTIPLE years, and it's all public record. If everything was made up,the complainants would not have known the exact places where your harassment took place , the areas you patrolled, or anything else. You used to be frequently dispatched to the Conley Walmart and said you would" just blow the place up if you could get away with it" .

    You need to understand something, Mitchell, I can find out anything I want to in this city. This isn't the road you want to go down.

    Both of these thugs were tried and convicted of drug and violence related crimes in the past, how convenient that you'd want to associate with them.Better start sneaking more meth out of the contraband pile to pay them off with when they get subpoenaed. Doubt they'll stay too loyal to the "blue ".

    Also, we don't really need google when someone is very happy to help expose you for what you are.

    Sleep tight.
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  14. So I guess the IQ of 80 smegma masquerading as a cop got banned, finally ,or scurried off of his own accord, as they do when they realize they're not getting their way

    Where are the "lies" ?

    38 S.W.3d 412 (Mo. 2001)"Sunshine Law" statute regarding incident reports against law enforcement.They are public record . But nice try, GEDLivesMatter. I wonder how the AG will feel about you lying about your complaint record on a public forum, and threatening strangers with violence and implied sexual battery?(No one is going to XO you, you look like you have Hep C)
    You know, the exact same things you were accused of in the first place.

    Again, where are the lies?

    Why don't Homeless Lives matter to you and your father , prick?

    [And for those that are not aware, this department has posted photos around the station of a citizen who filmed them. For the purpose of getting him harassed in public. It's on Youtube. And he was harassed. That's on Youtube, too. Which makes this mouthbreather's claim that it is "outrageous" that a cop would seek out ne'er-do-wells willing to harass people for him even more absurd.]

    And in case it wasn't clear, YOU ,in particular, do not matter and you never will.
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  15. kBrem

    kBrem New Member

    So get accused of nearly every foul thing under the sun, only care when they're saying you don't have a degree??????? Pig logic. I don't believe EVERY single thing in this post is true,but no one gets singled out for no reason. civ or LE. And unless you've got a time machine going back to the 90s, the days of privacy are done. 20 buck cellphones have cameras now.
  16. It's all true. This one was doing similar things, and he ILLEGALLY searched the women's phones and stole private photos to blackmail them with. Many (not all) of these people were losers likes Jones that no one cared about, so they thought taking a 35k civil servant career was going to give them power and force people care about them. When they realize that will never happen, all hell breaks loose. By the way GEDLivesMatter, you may as well stop being jealous of the frat boys and their daddies. You're going to have to moonlight as security at their weddings in 10 years(if you have a badge, which is doubtful) to make your mortgage payment. Triggered??[​IMG]
  17. Blue lives matter

    Blue lives matter New Member


    There are protests going on right now in St. Louis for justice against a police officer who DID a terrible thing and took a mans life. The second police officer to do so in STL in less than 5 years. So you are right, there are terrible cops out there. There are people who become police officers because they think they can get away with everything. Those men and women should not be protecting the citizens they do.
    There are also horrible people who go into schools, nightclubs, churches, and concerts and kill innocent victims because their life is too much for them to handle and they feel this is justified.
    There are SO MANY PROBLEMS in this country right now, and you are wasting your time slandering a man whose wife you have an issue with. Use your energy to protest the injustice that plagues any race that's not white or Christian. Use your energy to help the victims in Las Vegas, in Puerto Rico, in Texas, in Florida. Use your negative energy and be constructive. Hold up a sign in STL for Black Lives Matter, because they do. And they should be heard. There should be no racism left in this country, in this world. But there is. And you see it everyday. EVERY DAY someone gets killed or commits suicide because of race or religion. There is never a time where that should EVER be accepted. DONATE money to help the victims of the massacre in LV or to hurricane relief.
    Write your congressmen and tell them that DeVos' reversal on the guidelines of sexual assault was a leap backward for women. And endangers men as well. That she just gave the okay for rape. Tell them to stop any vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act that so many rely on. That insurance companies shouldn't get to pick who lives and dies based on how much their bonuses will be.

    SO MANY PROBLEMS IN THIS COUNTRY and you are on this thread slandering a man who you know has done none of the things you are claiming. Because you still don't have any proof. You have a picture of him in college dressed up for Halloween. Yes that was a tasteless costume, but I can think of worse ones that the alt-right wears not on Halloween. Fight them.

    You have the issue with me Chiny. We moved away from you. You have the apartment complex. I am very sorry if I upset you years ago, but it is time to let go and move on. I send the man I love out into a world and I don't know if he is going to come back the next morning because there are so many stupid people out there with guns and knives and hate in their hearts. So giving them our address, putting my family at risk is unacceptable. Take your hatred you have towards me and please, please, please use it to better this world. The world doesn't need more hate, it needs more love. It needs people coming together, joining hands, and respecting each others differences. No one should have to wake up, answer the knock at their door, answer their phone to hear that their love one has died by the hands of another. NO ONE deserves that.

    I don't want to have this battle with you anymore. Women get put down and called names enough. They aren't listened to when they are raped. They are't taken seriously in jobs, at stores, or in any part of life. As women, we have to fight for everything twice as hard as a man, simply because we are a distraction. At the end of the day, we are the same person. We are women. And in a man's world that means nothing. So fight with me, not against me.

  18. You don't know who I am, what I am, nor what my political or religious beliefs are . In fact, you aren't good enough to have any place in my life, at all. The fact that you assume people opposed to cops(of any color) acting as thugs are liberal rabble rousers is telling. Repeating something over and over doesn't make it true. What he did would not be tolerated from a neurosurgeon , a trash collector, or a rodeo clown,it is not about hating a profession. The way someone presents themselves shows their character, and his shows a person with a chip on his shoulder looking for someone to feel superior to (the homeless), and someone angry towards those he assumes feel superior to him (which is ,apparently beautiful women, various minority groups and Lacoste wearing frat boys with lawyer daddies).There are records of every complaint and investigation , none of that is a lie. And Conley Rd Walmart was also an area he was often dispatched to. This is not a case of people making up complaints and somehow correctly guessing where he was at all times,over a period of years. That isn't possible. And If he was so scared for his safety on a day to day basis, it might make more sense not to make enemies by harassing citizens.

    That being said, while every thing posted here about him is true,I'm done with this peasant. If ALL harassment towards everyone and their family/ friends by Mitchell Jones immediately stops, including that from the criminals he involved in this, AND the posts defending him are deleted....I will delete the text/pictures , and ask the site administrator to delete the thread .
  19. Blue lives matter

    Blue lives matter New Member

    There are a few holes here. The fact that it's been almost 4 years since this feud has started shows I have a very important place in your life. And now that Gold's has closed and you have no way to spew hateful things about me, you are going after my husband.
    The fact that you think I don't like liberal rabble rousers tells me that you are not doing your research adequately. I am very much a liberal.
    You are really stuck on this homeless thing. The same man that you are accusing of hating them is the one standing on the corner with them at night talking to them and learning their life story. Taking them to the hospital instead of to a cell to sober up for public intoxication. Instead of focusing on a lie, focus on the real problem. This country does NOT care about it's veterans. There are over 50,000 homeless veterans in the United States. Most suffer from PTSD or a number of other mental disorders brought on by war. Most of them will not seek care after they get back. Most will lose family and friends who don't want to deal with "their issues". There is a problem in this country with the homeless. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT. These men and women on the streets do not deserve to be there. They deserve compassion and kindness. They deserve help that the rich white privileged men you are standing up for refuse to give.
    These fraternity guys you are talking about, do you really want to have their back? They are able to get away with public intoxication, bar fights, sexual assault, domestic violence. WHY? Because they have white privilege and rich parents. Why should they be allowed to get off with no consequences but a black man walking down the street gets murdered simply because he's in a hoodie and looks suspicious? What kind of logic is that??

    AGAIN, I ask you, WHERE is this proof of my husband's complaints and investigations? I have yet to see a link to it. You put up our house and an article about how his father FOUND the woman in her cell, when he got on duty. As he was not the arresting officer nor the one in charge of watching the cells that night. Slight flaw to your story there.

    Name calling is only proving your insecurities. You can call me whatever you want it's the best part of this country right? The alt-right gets all the free speech under their leader but the Black Lives Matter protesters get arrested. News outlets who tell the truth get the label "fake news".

    So you can sit behind your computer and lie about who you are. Be my guest. Part of being an adult is being responsible for your actions. If you are going to state that what you say is true and a fact, then have proof to back it up.
  20. Yeah, there are. Namely that you claimed the complaints are false, then you claimed they never existed in the first place. Which is it? How did the complainants know details, times and places when Mitchell Jones was on duty?

    Again, how did I know what he thought about frats in the first place? And yes, especially when it clearly shows the same behavioral pattern and mentality of targeting groups of people.The same men with inferiority complexes towards males are also inclined to do things like, oh, get criminal thugs to harass women and spread asinine rumors about them being promiscuous or having affairs, in an attempt to harm their reputations. And I promise you that no man is going to leave his gorgeous girlfriend over what a mouthbreather hiding behind a badge says about her, so he's wasting his time.

    600 East Walnut Street Columbia, Missouri 65201

    .....About what ,though? Why would I want to be ugly, ill-educated or with someone with a 40K career ? Did you consider that maybe we're just actually sick of being harassed by the equivalent of Jerry Springer garbage with a badge?

    For the final time, if he wants his pictures off here , the harassment needs to stop, immediately, as well as the posts defending him needs to be removed. Then I will have it deleted. If not, tough shit; They're public photos and information.

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