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    "Officer" Mitchell Jones, (Columbia Missouri Police Department. 3909 Thornwood Dr, Columbia MO 65202. Drives an old, dark blue Dodge Challenger) has targeted and harassed people in the community the entire time he has been employed, which is hopefully coming to an end shortly. He is nothing but a criminal who managed to obtain a badge to hide behind. Jones has been reported for harassing young,people of color in our downtown college area, making racist remarks while detaining/ trying to search them for no reason. He also has photos all over social media of him dressed in a black curly wig , holding a cardboard sign saying things like "I need money for drugs".

    He has sexually harassed women after getting their information from a stop..following them in different vehicles, Contacting their friends and family etc.
    After he got reported countless times, he began waging campaigns of harassment against the people he previously targeted, to cover his ass. He began stalking out their places of business, churches, friends, jobs, etc and making up idiotic fabricated claims of them having criminal records for things like theft or drug use (obviously none do) or claiming that they're having adulterous affairs with coworkers or neighbors in an attempt to discredit and slander them .

    Not surprisingly, Jones is the one who is 'friends' with convicted violent criminals whom he gets to act as thugs and harass women on his behalf(likely by bribing them with confiscated drugs or other contraband, as other criminal cops have done) by following them, vandalizing their property, verbally assaulting them, etc. At least one or more women is taking legal action against Jones and the thugs he involved in this, however, there is a history of this sort of behavior being allowed at this police department and it WILL continue to be exposed. There is no way Jones is remotely mentally stable enough to be in law enforcement in any capacity, and I highly suspect he is on some sort of drugs, as both he and the people he associates with and dates look and behave erratically like drug addicts. He poses a danger to our community and needs to leave. If you know anyone in the area, please share this post with them.

    I have linked to an very old photo of him, for general reference, as there were none available in police uniform
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Photo of him mocking the homeless/poor. Hiring this type of scum is precisely what leads to good LEO being disrespected and attacked. Continue to spread his photos and information of his illegal actions. He can no longer hide and terrorize citizens who are paying him to 'serve and protect'.

    The same will be done to any and all bottomfeeders that try to harass other citizens on his behalf, also. So to any other trash that know Jones' and may be reading this, I highly suggest you think twice.[​IMG] [​IMG]
    And if he continues to follow citizens in his ugly car, pics of it and his plates are going up next .

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