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  1. We aren't the ones running around trespassing at homes and businesses,trying to convince strangers that women are stealing people's husbands or sleeping with everyone. Nor are we getting reported to our employers for harassment, or being taken to court for harassment. So I'd say it's pretty clear that you pieces of trash are the ones that are horrible people , who attack anyone you're threatened by or who see you as the low-class deviants that you are. (Perhaps the person you keep obsessively mentioning should take you back to court since retaliation for filing a police report or civil lawsuit is a felony) . If you're too stupid to avoid religious groups canvasing your area, clearly that is indicative of your low IQ.

    Your address(and any future ones), your information, and your pictures, will remain online indefinitely until you leave OUR city ,and if it is removed, I will re-host it on a site not under US territory jurisdiction. You're not going to hide in the dark to orchestrate your little harassment campaigns against people whose tax dollars are putting food on your table. Since you're so eager to insert yourselves in the lives of people that have no interest in you and try to interfere in their relationships, maybe someone will show up at 3909 THORNWOOD DRIVE COLUMBIA MO and give you some of that attention you're clearly so desperate for.

    And to whomever is behind the IP address coming from the CPD.....(I'll find which one you are soon enough), what's the matter, got your tongue? Because you're more than welcome to chime in and explain why you're wasting the city's money employing or working with an officer engaging in criminal harassment, who also associates with men who have been arrested and charged by your department for violent and drug related crimes. Also, I'm fairly sure the code of conduct doesn't allow for stalking female citizens to coffee shops and elsewhere, slandering us with the same vile sexual claims he's made for 3 years, while the city is being shot up every week. Any thoughts? Perhaps I can find a reporter who'd be interested in speaking to you in person, since you apparently have plenty of free time to visit this site.
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    Thanks for the threat you just made against us.
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    What's the matter, not laughing now that your little plan backfired on you , illiterate pervert? Your own information will be public ,just as you've done to the women you've stalked. And if you're seen around our residences, places of business, or following us around to any other place , you'll have your video and your information posted on the the Youtube site that is waiting for you.If you have a problem with that, there are several moving companies to assist you in packing up your things and relocating.

  4. No thoughts? Then the Columbia Police Department can continue to be associated with this officer's criminal behavior towards citizens, and he will continue to be exposed.I'm sure there are several groups that would be interested in reporting on why this department is allowing an officer to target and create false narratives about the character and sexual conduct of women in the community.
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    If that cop is harassing him on the road he has no regard for anybodys safety. for a cop to dress up like that displays a cocky attitude which is danger for the public. I had a police officer shine his spotlight in my face while I was driving a vehicle which shows he had no regard for my safety or anybody elses.
  6. I agree. Basically these people are just whitetrash, and I'm assuming creating illogical interpersonal dramas is what passes as entertainment for people like this, more than anything else--think the type of miscreants portrayed on "Jerry Springer" or the equivalent... Loud,trashy, amoral and ignorant. Which is why it made no sense to target women who would never even speak to or associate with people like them in the first place, and go on to claim to know that we're somehow engaging in all of this unbelievable, illogical behavior--as though they'd ever be privy to anything that went on in our personal lives or bedrooms .

    This "Stephanie" also harassed people at a gym in my city, and as you probably read, they've threatened to have criminals sexually assault women who speak out against Jones' . This is precisely why I've also sent a copy of this to DFCS as I will not have someone like "Stephanie" in my city potentially having the opportunity to work with, or even look at any child I will ever have. Not as though the good preschools would hire someone like her anyway, but you never know. Both of these pieces of garbage pose a risk to children, especially girls, and do not belong here.
  7. Below is further proof of the con game these morons have attempted to play in our city--The reports of Stephanie's conduct pre-date anything posted here, and none were "anonymous",as you cannot make anonymous reports to the Better Business Bureau. This is likely why Jones and his wife showed up to my thread to spew socialist mumbo jumbo, attacking those of us with traditional morals and claiming to be some sort of progressives, or whatever made up term these types invent ,all the while they're the ones engaging in actual misogyny and discrimination by violating women's rights by stalking, harassing, and slandering us, to the extent they were sued in the past, according to them. If you read those two links, you can see that the description of her behavior matches the conduct in this thread precisely---and is indicative of someone who is a jealous, ugly, poorly educated, waste of oxygen who is mad that they cannot control ANYTHING attractive women do or the fact that men who would never want her would love to be with women as intelligent and pretty as us . I will make sure this predator never gets an opportunity to work around anyone's children in my city again, and she will never get to even so much as look at MY baby.

    Hopefully the news source that was interested in Jones' postings here/this situation will interview him after they contact the department, since he's apparently so desperate for people to talk to, I'm sure he won't mind.
  8. This is an excerpt of one review from 2016 by "Linda D." on Yelp: "We were referred to a young female for information. Evidentially we were not a good fit for their idea gym person. She continued to look my daughter up and down, didn't ask us to sit down at her desk to visit, did not offer any information, was rude, and it was very obvious that we were not what they are looking for in their membership.
    Just fyi, my daughter is in the Army and extremely fit...I am not unfit myself, but I was looking to firm up some muscles. I guess we were just not their type. ."
    There are many more.

    And again ,these people look and conduct themselves like meth-heads(same bad skin and dead-eyed unhealthy look addicts have.) while attempting to retaliate against and denigrate normal, attractive,educated people. It is to laugh. Also, here are the links to both of their current Facebook profiles, to block, since you've probably found this thread after being harassed by one or both of them. .I have someone who is on the 'friends' list of one of these people who will give anything they post regarding their victims so that I can give it to an attorney. Which their threat to engage in electronic identity theft and harassment upthread by posing as their victims already has been. Which I highly suggest you refrain from, since I can already see what IP address(es) you're using anyway, BlueLivesMatter.

    Though, I don't blame you for your pipedream of looking through our computer in the hopes of finding pictures of us in the nude....sort of like looking through the pretty homes you'll never be able to afford on Trulia before settling for your moldy dump on the crappy side of town. However, none exist ,so I guess you'll just have to stick with the rest of the porn you've got clogging up your computer and phone, sicko.

    Also, proving once again that everything said here is true, Jones' facebook 'interests' include businesses and other groups directly connected to the women he has harassed and stalked.Which I have taken a screenshot of.

    Oh, and if any of your little ex-felon friends want to get reported or arrested again, I'm just waiting for them to give me a reason to make that happen for them. Leave our city.
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    So by looking at our Facebooks that should prove you wrong about our education level. Or are we just lying on Facebook to get people to like us? Must have faked the graduation day pictures too. Damn we are good!

    You told me that it was illegal for us to find out your IP address but somehow now it's legal for you to get ours? That's interesting. I'll have to bring that up with a detective. Why would you need it anyway? You know where we moved to. I'm not hiding anything. Send anyone to my door, we will gladly answer any questions. With the actual proof to back up you are in fact the mentally unstable stalker.

    Also not quite sure where your proof is against Mitch. He likes Sparkys, grill a brothers, and craft beer cellar. Somehow this proves he stalks and harasses women?

    And let's be real here Chiny, you are the one behind all the posts about me from Golds. None of these people exist. My manager looked them up and corporate even tried to contact them to follow up on their claims. Funny how none of the emails ever got answered. And none of the people showed up in the system as being guests at Golds.

    What also makes me laugh when I get an email saying you've posted on here is how you just can't stop. And yet, still nothing at the police department and still nothing from child services. Again, if any of this was true and you had factual proof of anything, this is a matter that would be taken seriously. Instead you are accusing us of ridiculous claims that can be proven false. Not to mention the fact that you are belittling ACTUAL cases of harassment and child abuse. For what purpose? Because I sure as hell can't see one.

    We literally bought a house on the opposite side of town from our old apartment complex to get as far from you as we could. Clearly you are obsessed with us, and it is unhealthy. I am genuinely concerned about your mental health.

    But please for the sake of every other women and child out there that is abused and harassed stop making their cases seem unimportant by falsely accusing us of these things. It is people like you who are the reason that women don't come forward with cases of rape and abuse. They don't think anyone will take them seriously. Volunteer at a women's shelter. Their stories will change your life.

  10. "you told me that it was illegal for us to find out your IP address but somehow now it's legal for you to get ours? That's interesting. "

    No, I didn't. I told you that it would be cost prohibitive. Which it is. If you had 30K+ laying around for fruitless lawsuits involving subpoenaing interstate websites you wouldn't be living on the shithole side of town in a slab house.

    "I'll have to bring that up with a detective"

    We'd be glad to film him and file stalking charges against him and his department, what's the hold up? Where is he? I'd be happy to broadcast that city employees, who can't even get crime under control, are wasting our money stalking attractive women around their own city, on behalf of a perverse colleague.

    "And let's be real here Chiny, you are the one behind all the posts about me from Golds. None of these people exist. My manager looked them up and corporate even tried to contact them to follow up on their claims. Funny how none of the emails ever got answered. And none of the people showed up in the system as being guests at Golds. "

    If you're so sure who I am, feel free to show proof of it here. You're liars who are retaliating against and obsessed with someone who took legal action against you; which is a felonious offense, in every state, with a fairly hefty prison sentence. I think you should go right ahead and contact this woman, I'm sure she'll be happy to see you behind bars.

    " also makes me laugh when I get an email saying you've posted on here"

    Which you signed yourself up for. You're not welcome here. Leave.

    "still nothing from child services. "

    What, "something", did you expect? I informed them of your past of accusing men of raping you, stalking behavior towards other females, and threats to have criminal acquaintances sexually assault them as revenge . All of which is factual. Whatever they choose to do with that information is up to them--it will be helpful when you inevitably target someone else's family that you're employed by and start claiming the man of the home raped you or that the woman was harassing you.

    "ridiculous claims that can be proven false"

    Ok. Post a letter from internal affairs and both of the commanding officers stating you've never had anyone contact the police department about any form of misconduct. I'll wait.

    "Volunteer at a women's shelter. Their stories will change your life."

    Oh... is that where you find their abusive husbands to try to screw? Yet, they still don't want you. Because you're ugly.
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    So you spent 30k to get my IP address? For what exactly? Because it's still illegal for a civilian to do. Not sure what this proves except you using illegal ways to get information on us. Ironic no?

    It's also very rude to call YOUR town a shithole. Which is hilarious because our neighborhood is safer than the apartment complex you live in. I sure don't miss walking out of my apartment to find men breaking into cars. OR better yet, having a murderer live in the same complex as me. Remember Dale the maintenance guy? Yeah he's in jail for killing his mom. Good thing he was allowed into apartments huh?
    I'll take my shithole side of town over the apartment complex any day. Because in the end, again let me say this, we OWN A HOUSE.

    Why would I stoop to your level of petty and post your name and address on here? I know it's you. The police department know it's you. My job knows about your harassment. It doesn't bother me one bit that you choose to hid behind a computer screen and hold a high school level grudge against me.

    I actually didn't sign up for the emails, they randomly started showing up in my inbox. Can't imagine who has all the time in the world to make fake email addresses and send things my way.

    I find it so disheartening that you are trying to belittle a rape that happened. But I wouldn't except anything else from you.

    I don't need to find anyone else to screw as you so lovingly put it. I have an amazing husband already. And the name calling, really. Really?

    Stop being petty and jealous. It's really unflattering

  12. Are you high on meth, or are you just inherently this stupid? Websites can view IP addresses of anyone that uses their site, and it's in the header of many email providers. It is not and has never been "illegal" to see an IP address. Apparently your "detective" has a GED, too, because that is basic knowledge taught in entry level CompSci college courses for the last 20 years. And yes, it would easily cost that much to file frivolous "negative light" suit and subpoena multiple domain owners in various jurisdictions. Your own phone,internet , and social media communications would become part of discovery and would prove everything said here to be true. And you already know that.

    And if "the police department", as you claim, is conspiring to retaliate against people who file complaints and/or take legal action, which is a violation of civil rights, they're more than welcome to get investigated and sued, as well. We're waiting. I know a couple of law firms that would be glad to sue your department (again) especially when they've already prevailed in the past. So, what's the hold up? We'd be glad to hear your justification for going place to place slandering women and stalking us to local establishments .

    The two of you couldn't control where attractive women shopped, what gym they went to, where they lived, who they dated, or anything else , so your idiotic rumors are your last ditch attempts at trying to interfere with our lives. No one in their right mind would give a shit if strangers were going around cheating or whatever the hell else, anyway. Normal people have lives of their own, unlike the two of you.

    If any of that were true, you wouldn't be harassing pretty women just because you're jealous the criminals you wanted to cheat on him with don't want you. If we had wanted them,we'd have been with them, and you wouldn't have known anything about it in the first place. So move on.


    ....Of what?
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  13. We're still awaiting the proof and for explanation as to how you're victims of stalking and harassment due to multiple people accused you of harassing and stalking THEM. You just assumed you were above the law and you'd get to target women with impunity. Sound about right? Looks like the only thing you achieved was getting your own personal information and dirty laundry aired out to any person that googles your name, including actual criminals with a grudge, who now know right where you are . Congrats! That's not all though, despite your impotent attempts at slander, you've made your VICTIMS, feel even more superior to you than we already did, since you apparently you must think we're beautiful enough to steal all of these women's husbands ,and follow us around in your shitty car like we're celebrities.

    Why don't you tell everyone at the next city meeting that you believe the department condones stalking and retaliating against victims who take legal action,on behalf of their colleagues. Looks like they've already gotten sued a few times and lost quite a bit of money :( While you're at it, we can make some copies of your spouse's reviews stating she racially harassed (among other things)customers, too. We both know there's a group just waiting for another reason to take you to task. Are you coming?

    (just as an explanation to people who have a legitimate reason to be here.Stephanie Jones did administrative work at a gym ,according to one of the reviews, and would have been the one receiving notifications for the business. Then, they signed up, of their own volition ,here and on other sites so that they could continue to harass victims. And most likely, they signed up for google alerts for their name(s). THAT is what these con artists are spinning into email "harassment". And even IF any of their story had been true-- anyone with an IQ higher than that of a cactus would block the senders or change their email address.),-IL-jobs.html

    And since you're so enamored with whitetrash melodrama scenarios , go sign up to get on Jerry Springer and throw chairs to your heart's content. It's free, I'm assuming, and that's probably the only vacation you can afford anyway.
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    I love when you post that picture of me.

    That's right after I beat my best time for a half marathon.
    That day is was 70 and a and rainy and humid. Running was rough. By the end it was close to 80 and felt like 90. But I was on a role. Almost PR under 2 hours that day. But I got 2:05:10. BEST RACE OF MY LIFE.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Also thanks for thinking we have time for a vacation! Between working, volunteering, and our family commitments we simply don't have time. It also seems a little selfish to go somewhere when we could just as easily use what little time off we have to volunteer more. The world needs more good.

    I just want to thank you for making my life have something interesting about it. Most days I just getgto go to work and spend my energy helping others. It's always nice to have a reminder to spread more good energy out into the world. You are my motivation to be a good person and to raise good people.
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    You live in a fantasy world. get a life.
  16. Blue lives matter

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    Hi Matthew,
    Thanks for your input. While I do in face have a very busy life I am definitely not living in a fantasy world. If I was 17 children wouldn't have been murdered last week only to have a ban on assault weapons fail to pass in the same state that the school shooting happened. Our President would also not be incompetent. I would most definitely pick living in my fantasy world over the current one though.
    But I do appreciate your feedback. Have a wonderful day.
    If you get a chance please think about helping out the victims down in Florida by either attending one of their marches in your city on March 24th or donating to their cause.
  17. Yes, unfortunately the behavior of these degenerates demonstrates why stalking/harassment should immediately be a felonious criminal offense; No matter what the situation is, stalkers generally game the system until they physically harm their victims or until they're jailed. Which would be these cowards worst nightmare and would have put a stop to this nonsense years ago probably. Stalkers largely exploit the fact that , historically,the legal system is un-versed in the psychology behind stalking, and the assumption is that people do not act without a motivating factor..."it takes two to tango" etc. The caveat is, this does not apply to people with mental disorders like BPD who are pathologically resentful and incorporate unwilling strangers into their delusions. As is evident here in the tangential, flight of ideas style postings they make.

    I also wouldn't be surprised in the least if drug use such as Meth was involved, given their lowclass backgrounds and association with criminals ; it would certainly further explain their appearance and demeanor.
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    Hey Chiny!
    Just wanted to give a huge shout out to you for finally figuring out where I volunteer! Just curious on how you did that. Were you following me? Or just have a lot of time to spend on Google looking me up?
    Unfortunately as I've been part of the organization for quite some time I've had to pass a few background and drug tests which invalidated your claims both in the email to International and also on here. And my last name is not hyphenated not does it have Jones at the end. It is simply my maiden name. I certainty love explaining the story about how we have a woman harassing us because she is upset I asked her to shut her fucking garage door 4 years ago over a literal cat and dog issue. How are those strays by the way? Any more drown in the pool or get run over? The correct way to help a stray cat or dog is not to feed them or house them in your garage but to catch them in a humane way and take them to a no kill shelter. I know of a few no kill shelters around here that would love to help you if you choose to do the right thing.

    Because we know you've been stalking me one way or the other, we are pretty sure you've figured out another secret we have been trying to hide from you. We have decided to install security cameras both at our house and in my car as I no longer feel safe with you knowing. My job has also been notified of who you are and that you are not allowed on the property. They have agreed to forward any emails or phone calls to the police that they receive about me. Now I am well aware that you like to send everything anonymously or through fake names so we will still not be able to trace anything back to you. But now you have escalated everything and we all fear that you will physically try to harm me or my family. And I for one am not willing to take that risk any longer.

    I wish you the best of luck in getting your personal issues resolved. And I dislike knowing that there is someone who needs help and has no one to help her. For that I am truly sorry. However, I will no longer sit passively by while you try and trash my family's reputation. We have both worked extremely hard to get to where we are today and I will not let that be belittled by someone with a vendetta. Nor will I let my family be in harms way.

    Again, best of luck moving forward with your life.
  19. Um....unless flopping around in cheap activewear gives you a horse-like face, beady, shit colored psycho eyes and pasty, unhealthy skintone that looks like you haven't seen a vegetable in a decade, it's fairly obvious you're just ugly. And no amount of harassing pretty women is ever going to change that. And kindly leave us out of your delusional trailerpark love triangles with the sexual predators that don't want you.
    And this is your last warning--if either of you prowl around where you're not welcome again, you will have a police report filed against you along with the videographic evidence for tresspassing private property and stalking,until you eventually have your mugshot published in the news alongside your dear pal Gamal, and then you will have a civil harassment suit filed as well and I will be obtaining anything posted on social media to include in that.
    Did I make myself clear to you?
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