Officer Mitchell Jones, Columbia Missouri Police Department

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  1. We aren't the ones running around trespassing at homes and businesses,trying to convince strangers that women are stealing people's husbands or sleeping with everyone. Nor are we getting reported to our employers for harassment, or being taken to court for harassment. So I'd say it's pretty clear that you pieces of trash are the ones that are horrible people , who attack anyone you're threatened by or who see you as the low-class deviants that you are. (Perhaps the person you keep obsessively mentioning should take you back to court since retaliation for filing a police report or civil lawsuit is a felony) . If you're too stupid to avoid religious groups canvasing your area, clearly that is indicative of your low IQ.

    Your address(and any future ones), your information, and your pictures, will remain online indefinitely until you leave OUR city ,and if it is removed, I will re-host it on a site not under US territory jurisdiction. You're not going to hide in the dark to orchestrate your little harassment campaigns against people whose tax dollars are putting food on your table. Since you're so eager to insert yourselves in the lives of people that have no interest in you and try to interfere in their relationships, maybe someone will show up at 3909 THORNWOOD DRIVE COLUMBIA MO and give you some of that attention you're clearly so desperate for.

    And to whomever is behind the IP address coming from the CPD.....(I'll find which one you are soon enough), what's the matter, got your tongue? Because you're more than welcome to chime in and explain why you're wasting the city's money employing or working with an officer engaging in criminal harassment, who also associates with men who have been arrested and charged by your department for violent and drug related crimes. Also, I'm fairly sure the code of conduct doesn't allow for stalking female citizens to coffee shops and elsewhere, slandering us with the same vile sexual claims he's made for 3 years, while the city is being shot up every week. Any thoughts? Perhaps I can find a reporter who'd be interested in speaking to you in person, since you apparently have plenty of free time to visit this site.
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    Thanks for the threat you just made against us.
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    What's the matter, not laughing now that your little plan backfired on you , illiterate pervert? Your own information will be public ,just as you've done to the women you've stalked. And if you're seen around our residences, places of business, or following us around to any other place , you'll have your video and your information posted on the the Youtube site that is waiting for you.If you have a problem with that, there are several moving companies to assist you in packing up your things and relocating.

  4. No thoughts? Then the Columbia Police Department can continue to be associated with this officer's criminal behavior towards citizens, and he will continue to be exposed.I'm sure there are several groups that would be interested in reporting on why this department is allowing an officer to target and create false narratives about the character and sexual conduct of women in the community.
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    If that cop is harassing him on the road he has no regard for anybodys safety. for a cop to dress up like that displays a cocky attitude which is danger for the public. I had a police officer shine his spotlight in my face while I was driving a vehicle which shows he had no regard for my safety or anybody elses.
  6. I agree. Basically these people are just whitetrash, and I'm assuming creating illogical interpersonal dramas is what passes as entertainment for people like this, more than anything else--think the type of miscreants portrayed on "Jerry Springer" or the equivalent... Loud,trashy, amoral and ignorant. Which is why it made no sense to target women who would never even speak to or associate with people like them in the first place, and go on to claim to know that we're somehow engaging in all of this unbelievable, illogical behavior--as though they'd ever be privy to anything that went on in our personal lives or bedrooms .

    This "Stephanie" also harassed people at a gym in my city, and as you probably read, they've threatened to have criminals sexually assault women who speak out against Jones' . This is precisely why I've also sent a copy of this to DFCS as I will not have someone like "Stephanie" in my city potentially having the opportunity to work with, or even look at any child I will ever have. Not as though the good preschools would hire someone like her anyway, but you never know. Both of these pieces of garbage pose a risk to children, especially girls, and do not belong here.

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