Officer Mitchell Jones, Columbia Missouri Police Department

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  1. It's not allowing me to quote my former post, for some reason--as promised, I added the link to their report . A few choice statements, one I'm sure was from that moron...

    "Every time you turn around they are writing officers up on internally started IA investigations for BS. They are intentionally sabotaging officers so they can't leave because no department will take them after asking how many complaints they've had.". Well, better start learning how to make lattes just how I like them, then or I'll report you there, too--Starbucks probably pays better anyway. It is to laugh that anyone with a 12 grade education, if that, would believe they're important enough for people to conspire to prevent them from leaving ,when people with jobs that actually matter (physicians, attorneys, etc) wouldn't be.

    "It is frustrating to see the same officers sitting in the station day in and day out avoiding calls and doing nothing"

    So..... clearly plenty of free time to go around stalking women then.

    We've also provided the photos ,videos and other proof of the illegal activity these pieces of shit have engaged in to residential and commercial rental groups and landlords in the city, so that they won't be able to use other people's property as a platform for their harassment again , putting owners at risk to be sued for discriminatory conduct on their properties.

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