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    Thursday morning I was on my way to a HVAC service call when I passed by an 18wheeler on it's side I and an ohp crusier sitting there I pulled over to get a pic of the accident the trooper told me I needed to go down the road so I when down about 50 yard and pulled over on the side of the road again. I turned my Hazzard lights on and stepped to the rear of my truck. The trooper drove over to me asked if he could help me I told him I was an independent reporter and I was just getting a few shots of the accident. He told me I couldn't cuz I was not a real news reporter and I had no rights I told him the first addmendment said I do and he said it doesn't apply to me he then asked for my license and insurance. I told him it was in my vehicle I gave him the information he asked for a happen to see my Oklahoma weapons permit in the door of my truck and remembered that I put my forearm in there the night before cuz I went to church and took it off my belt. So I informed him that there was a weapon in the truck he asked where at I told him he told me to slowly get it out and place it in the seat do I did. He pulled it out of the holster and pointed it at my thigh I jumped back towards the road he yelled at me to get back over there and he unloaded my firearm and ask if it was registered to me I told him that it was and he said it would check to make sure after giving me back my weapon permit,do and insurance and three tickets 1 failure to obey dps officers instructions 2 failure to notify dps officer that I had a firearm and 3 failure to change address on my license with in ten days of moving. I was told I could go back to his car and retrieve my firearm from the passenger seat of his vehicle where two more troopers where waiting. I got out of my truck was told to put my hand on the side of my truck while he searched me after the stop was completed he asked if I had anything on me I told him a pocket knife he confiscated it from me and then allowed me to go to his vehicle and get my firearm back after I got my firearm he gave me my pocket knife and told me to leave out of his sight or my truck would be impounded. I went to the station to talk to his supervisor upon entering the building his supervisor then searched my again for no reason and was told I have no rights in the first addmendment as an independent reporter and I was interfering with the accident when there was a news reporter from channel 7 walking in the middle of the road and up next to the accident even though I was 50 yard away. I have a court date of 18oct2017 at 2pm at the Comanche county Courthouse

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