police that were and still are following me

Discussion in 'Police Encounters' started by Donald, Jun 17, 2017.

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    This is the reason I sent you a post the police that were and still are following me and surveilling me tried to kill me many times the night of May 1,2/2017 I'm in fear for my life if they have a reason to arrest me then do so I have a paid attorney my neighbor's told me they have consistently coming in my home when I'm away I am not a drug dealer or a terrorist I have been clean for years 3 to be exact now they are using the new sneak and peak warrant to do all this that was created for anti-terrorism all I want is a marked cruiser to come to my house or to meet with these people with my attorney they are notorious murderers that had my friend Mark McCullough's cause of death changed from homicide to unknown how is that possible you can look his murder up online he was my dearest friend growing up the SUMMIT COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT HAS LEFT HIM AND I BEATEN AND BLOODY ON THE SIDE OF THE AFTER ROBBING US FOR EVERYTHING THEY COULD ON MORE THEN ONE OCCASIONS IF SOMEONE COULD CALL ME PLEASE I NEED HELP THEY NEED TO BE EXPOSED THEY ARE CORRUPT AND WILL STOP AT NOTHING I WILL GLADLY TELL YOU MY STORY I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY OR RESOURCES TO GET TAPE FROM THE AKRON /CANTON AIRPORT OR THE HUNDREDS OF CAMERAS I PASSED DURING THIS ILLEGAL CHASE
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    Start filming. The cops and the file a complaint and go to your dad office and sheriffs office and talk to the sheriff with your patty with video in hand

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