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    My mother was just arrested for a crime, and she admitted that she had me hold her Hydrocodone bottle because people were stealing it, and the officer made snide remarks like I was selling them.

    Well he asked to look through my bag, and I said yes. I know now that it's not legal to have another person's meds, but my that is not the scope of what my question is.

    The officer was being really rude and accusing me of things, and I simply ask what his name was, and he asked me "Why?"

    And I just said "I just wanted to know".

    He asked "what's your name?"

    And I answered.

    He then said "Do you really want to go down that route?" Implying that I was going to make a complaint on him.

    He said "If you really want to go down that route I can charge you with schedule 2" or something along those lines.

    Would that not be considered intimidation to keep me from writing a report?
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    Ok I guess this site is shitty considering NO ONE EVER RESPONDS!

    What good is this site if everyone just reads and does not even respond?

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