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    How about a case in which one of the good old boys bought a legally nonconforming property from the Mayor of my city? He began redeveloping the property adding a new illegal structure every year. He trucked in fill dirt and not only was the massive illegal roofs rotated to drain stormwater onto my property he set the grade of the elevated fill dirt to drain down onto my property. The five building permits are illegal, the building official refused to address my concerns as his duty requires. When this neighbor discovered he could not get the illegal redevelopment recorded on the county plat map, he determined the remedy was to eliminate me. He began unlawfully applying chemicals onto my property. It took very little time before the chemicals cause me a severe skin condition. I verbally told this man not to apply anything to my property, and requested an incident report from the chief of police. Needless to say that I had developed a full body severe skin condition before the 16 months in which it took the Chief of police to give me the incident report. This was so severe that it was unbearable to wear clothes. I hired an attorney to sue the City. He was onboard with the law at our first meeting. I was questioning him about his knowledge and he passed. The liability was the City. One of the building permits was not signed by the builder and had been forged from the original on file. The other permits are illegal based on the fact that this was a legally nonconforming property. For those who don't know there are very stringent rules that apply to redevelopment of such properties. As commented by Mayor Dinwiddie on public record. You’re not allowed to make any structure larger that the existing structures. This guy even went so far as to put in a garden pond that drained onto my property. I am a single middle aged female. I owned my property outright having purchased it in 1995. I open an upholstery shop that I operated from one of the existing structures on my property. I could not have been happier with my ideal of acquiring my American Dream.
    The chemicals continued nonstop. I was surprised when I got served notice that I was being sued by this neighbor for "loss of enjoyment of his property". It seems that my legally installed privacy curtain that I installed on my side of the 300' common boundary was to much for him to tolerate. He could not see out of his windows. Does he even realize that he was looking into his actual side yard? His lot was to narrow to set the oversized structures on. Who does this guy think he is to invade my private space? Bin Laden? When I spoke to my attorney I was clear that my intent was to sue the City. He advised we would sue both parties adding that the City is where the money was. As I am too stupid to know, the liable party is where the money is. I have a long line of paternal parents that held authority titles for a neighboring city. I did not know why he wanted to sue the neighbor to but then that is why I hired an attorney. I did not question it. I have never needed an attorney and I am unfamiliar with the court process. The letter of intent my attorney sent the next day did state that if there were no remedy in 10 days he would file an injunction. Upon receiving the letter, the neighbor removed all evidence of an existing berm he had illegally removed. By illegally changing, the frontage of his home to now is the city alley. Apparently, the repositioning of his home made him believe that my backyard was his backyard now. He added a little roof over the side entrance door to make it look as though his frontage was the street but it clearly was the alley now. This being one of many counts of perjury he committed in the civil court.
    I continued to go to council meetings when a new Mayor was elected, four Mayors in 5 years. I had the duty to notify them that there was a problem. I would have the floor and there would be a distraction caused by the former building official. I was never allowed to speak about my complaint or try to get the proper authority to make him to stop applying the chemicals. He would not stop and no law enforcement would file a complaint against him for trespassing.
    I believe that if I had been a male, he would never have been brave enough to ignore my request. The Chief of Police did advise me that he did not want to file a complaint against him because he did not want to make him mad. The civil court case he filed against me was dismissed citing my right to enjoy my property. I felt a sense of relief assuming the chemicals would stop based on the citing of my right to enjoy property I could not have been more wrong. This made him mad. He suspiciously is elected to city council for the sole purpose of "getting me back". The chemicals continue without hesitation. I hear nothing from my attorney in regards to the case against the city even though I email him multiple times. I went to give him a payment and mentioned that the Mayor actually took my side in regards to the privacy curtain I installed. He advised me that the reason the Mayor took my side was that he had received a letter from my attorney. My attorney had lied to me all this time. He never filed the complaint against the city. He never did anything on my behalf. He did suppress evidence on behalf of this neighbor. This guy and the police chief physically altered Railroad ties I had placed along the common boundary to try to divert the excessive stormwater from my property to the city drainage ditch. This was a direct act in contempt of court. There was no reason but to prove to me that he was not going to abide by the court of anyone else's ruling. He had to have my property.
    The county attorney advised me that he would violate his duty to prosecute all criminal offenses and he would decide who is prosecuted in his county. He then proceeds to file criminal charges against me several times for fabricated laws. Laws that do not exist, but I cannot get one for criminal trespassing against this neighbor whose intent is clearly to cause me serious injury or death. I suffered for five long year’s severe pain. I knew I was dying. Only when a former city police chief now moved on to the Sheriff Dept stopped by my home to advise me that this neighbor had no intention to cease and desist with the chemicals did I know I had no option. I had either to shoot this neighbor dead or sell my home business and property for enough funds to repay the debt I owed my friend for supplying the funds for my basic living expenses over the 5-year period and pay for my final expenses. I knew I was dying.
    I could not leave without repaying my friends well over $10,000 dollars. My condition only increased, I not bear to have anything touch my skin the pain never stopped it was 24/7, I had lost my eyesight by this time also as a result of the medical treatment administered to offer my skin some relief. This neighbor has more than less of the traits to determine a psychopath according to Hare's list. I now know the reason the police chief or anyone else for that matter did not want to make this guy mad. However, for me to be the sacrificial lamb and live to tell about it, no way. It is the duty of law enforcement to protect the rights of the people in these United States. They take an oath to do just that, the criminal acts committed by this enterprise of local government officials is unbelievable. However, the evidence does not lie.
    I did survive and I am now seeking compensation for my damages. According the Stormwater management handbook, the courts see cities as having deep pockets in not complying to the State building code and drainage laws. Now I am looking for law enforcement and prosecuting attorney that is committed to protecting the rights of their fellow citizens. What is truly unbelievable this group of thugs being afraid to do their duty. To the degree that they would rather commit serious criminal acts against me than make this man mad makes me concerned for the entire community. This man showed no empathy when saw my skin. His intent was to acquire my property at any cost. Something is not right here. I have known these individuals most of my life and I have never witnessed or heard rumor of any of them committing criminal offenses on someone else's behalf. Mayor Dinwiddie clearly had a personal financial gain when he sold this otherwise worthless piece of property to Mark Conlee. I question whether Dinwiddie disclosed the property to be legally nonconforming. Nevertheless, the city building official intentionally allowed the illegal construction, and avoided his duty to address my concerns. Lee County Attorney Michael Short recently retired and I believe the shuffling of the new County Attorney is finished so I believe it should be possible to hold those who have committed criminal acts be prosecuted and I should be compensated for being the victim of the criminal acts that were committed against me. As it stands, I am forced to watch these individuals living large from the guts of my property. I sit here with chronic health problems in a small section 8 rental houses that is not satisfactory for my lifestyle or sewing machine. I do not know how long I can contain my patience. It has been an extended period. The chances I will be diagnosed with cancer are overwhelmingly a high percent based on the studies on glyphosate. These people have new homes and garage no worries. My achieved American dream has been ripped (taken) from my hands causing injury not compensation. If you read my webpage, you will find much more about this story and the others who conspired to deprive me of my rights under color of law. There just is no other way to view or excuse these events.
    This cannot be allowed in the USA under any circumstances. I certainly do not intend to be the first and only citizen who has been subject to such brutal criminal acts by my local government officials
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    My name is Lauren Casper and I am the victim of the most horrific and life destroying crime at the hands of public officials in Carroll County Arkansas and Wake County North Carolina. I have irrefutable, beyond any shadow of a doubt, proof of evidence tampering/ falsification and the worst kinds of criminal public corruption but I can get no one to investigate the very obvious and easy to prove evidence I have. Please, I was printing out the two reports I wrote detailing completely the entire situation, but they were getting expensive to mail out. Please read the reports 1 and 2 I have uploaded to dropbox and then look at the evidence, also all uploaded to dropbox. This is a very real situation, it is very much happening to me and I am the individual who is being monstrously victimized and am in very great danger and the situation is exactly as I am describing and the evidence proves. Ignoring this or brushing it off is a monstrous crime also, by ignoring this or saying it is someone elses department I could be kidnapped, and tortured again or murdered or my family could be. I was recieving constant white power related threats, Carroll County Arkansas is next to Boone County Arkansas home of the new neo nazi movement and I was recieving constant white power things on the internet, swastika after swastika and klansmen wearing full garb, neo nazi prison rap, lots of stuff in German. Some one likes white power and is definitely connected to the gang and has been threatening me with what looked like the local chapter of them. I will continue to be the victim of the most monstrous life destroying state related crime and incredibly violent criminal intimidation and stalking.

    I want my life back, I want these guys in prison for a very long time. I want them, all of these monsters, to be charged and prosecuted for all of the cimes they have committed and continue to commit with total malice and intent against me. Anything you could do would be a help though.

    I am a completely innocent ordinary woman who had just graduated from North Carolina State University three months before this. I have been tortured, kidnapped, wrongfully imprisoned had all of my civil liberties violated and I am receiving consistent conspiracy to murder death threats and very sexually based stalking. I am afraid I am going to be murdered or my family is.

    I was assaulted three months after I graduated from college in the middle of Spring break on St. Patrick’s day by two people with very serious substance abuse and violence problems, who were high on meth amphetamine at the scene of the crime. I have no substance abuse problems whatsoever, which I can prove over and over again. I was traveling through the Eureka Springs Arkansas area on the way to Boulder Colorado over spring break because I was thinking about looking into graduate schools in Colorado. All of this occurred on March 17th during spring break. I had lived in Colorado for years, and attended Colorado State, included transcripts, before moving back to NC where my family is and I had just graduated from NC state university three months before and was living in Wake County NC. I was assaulted by a man I knew many years before who lives in Eureka Springs and his ex wifes best friend. The guy was selling steak shrimp and probably meth door to door and is basically just an ugly violent crack head. I had been talking to him long distance and he lied about his substance use but was very encouraging. I wasnt interested in him because he was ugly and a just unpleasant and creepy person. I was traveling over spring break and was in the area which is how I ended up being assaulted.

    I was kidnapped, tortured, wrongfully imprisoned, had all of my due process and civil liberties violated, it was more of less just like if a monster had picked up a a very beautiful college coed by the side of route 40 and locked her in a basement. No where in the jail where I spent all of my very very long ordeal, please read the report, it details everything, had any windows, the cell up front I was in for eight months, did not leave once except for a weekly shower, didnt even have a papered over one. Just eight by nine feet with three feet for a cement block, a large metal door with a closed slit window in the door and a hole in it and very bright florescent lights left on all the time. I was without clothes and underwear for months just wrapped in a filthy thing that was mid thigh length with no underwear and that wasnt the worst of it. Please read the whole report, you have no idea the monstrosity that is the American criminal justice system in reality.

    When I requested evidence in my case, I was sent completely falsified evidence that reads like a heavy breathing phone call from sex offenders anonymous. I was assaulted by a woman who was ten years older than me, with three kids and a meth addiction, who looked like Nick Nolte crossed with Tammy. She had a face like a horse that drinks, no exaggeration. She was large, overweight, unattractive, at least a 180 pounds with heavy bangs that couldn’t be pulled back and she had priors for serious substance abuse. She was the male’s, who was definitely driving his truck, he tried to say he wasn’t because he was very high at the scene and had no drivers license, ex-wife’s best friend. I was a 119 pound, completely sober very good looking 29 year college coed. I had hair so long you could sit on it, which was up in a high pony tail, and a lot of defensive cuts and torn clothing and they admit, or at least the male does and he has priors for everything from aggravated assault to rape and everything else, a lot of violence, that they were high at the scene, not on marijuana, so there is really no arguing that I was assaulted by them, being a completely sane normal sober person, which they also would have probably admitted to if any sort of normal process of investigation or legal system had happened there.

    When I requested the evidence in the case after an unbelievably horrific and long basement like ordeal, I was sent completely falsified evidence, crime "scene" photos on a very different much younger and lighter woman that are very very sexual and obviously altered taken with the least expensive digital camera, I am 200% positive of this. I KNOW FOR SURE ALL OF THE EVIDENCE IS FALSIFIED. They sent me an interview with a woman who is again a very very different woman, they sent me a dubbed, very obviously so, nonsensical, again very sexual interview with myself, and they sent me forwarded emails that all say forwarded at the top that read like a heavy breathing phone call from a male sex offender that I know I didn't write. They are all completely falsified and very very obviously so and again very very sexual and masculine. I have included all of this evidence on dropbox. Please look at it.

    All of it is extremely lurid, low functioning, sexual, obvious and easy to prove. I have been getting stalked, I again know for sure, locally here in NC and on the internet, in the same manner as the falsified evidence. I was getting constant back off and stop reporting us threats on the internet, my apartment had been broken into more than once, so badly I had to replace the door knob, I was tailgated and run off the road locally and last summer I came home to my apartment building a blazing inferno for no reason. Included pictures.

    No one will investigate, even with the very obvious and easy to prove evidence. All they have to do is verify the woman’s identity by some form of unalterable verification of who she is. She obviously isn’t a naked 29 year old and the other evidence I am trying to get the authorities to investigate is also just as blatantly obvious. It’s literally like Mississippi Burning as far as government goes. It’s an absolute hell hole. There is no functioning legal system, even with piles of the most ridiculous proof and evidence it’s no ones department, no one will investigate public corruption, it’s the most disgusting corrupt nightmare. My life is a failed state nightmare, I can get no justice.

    I was a completely ordinary, very attractive young woman, who had just graduated from college and had been managing a makeup counter at Belk’s. Now I am just the victim of the most monstrous crime that I can get no justice for. No one will investigate the most blatant, obvious and criminal forms of public corruption by one of the thousands of public officials in a hundred counties. I did absolutely nothing here. Please read the two enclosed reports and then look at the evidence on the cd. It is exactly like I say. I went from being a very attractive happy young woman with her whole life ahead of her to falling down a rabbit hole. Please as a representative of the American government could you send this evidence to someone who would make sure that it is investigated and prosecuted.

    Please have someone in your office contact me, via U.S. mail. Please follow through with this, and make sure yourselves that this evidence and what I know for sure, that all of this evidence is falsified, is investigated and verified and that these criminal monsters are prosecuted and that justice, sanity, safety and the American legal system are restored here. Please don’t ignore this and make sure that this case is investigated and the evidence tampering, and everything else is proven and then prosecuted.

    Thank you,

    Lauren Casper


    Here are the reports detailing the situation 1 and 2 please read and then look at all the evidence, the last link is one to stuff I wrote as to how the authorities are handling the situation. I have more evidence if you need it as to local stalking and I can find pictures on my old phone I think as to the door knob I had to replace before the fire.

    The falsified forwarded heavy breathing phone call emails very very obvious

    Here is the link to all falsified crime pictures, pictures of the house fire and myself at the time and both interviews with the woman who isn’t the woman who assaulted me

    Also the second dubbed interview with myself and some other things I wrote about the stalking by gang related people and on the internet. The second interview is at the bottom of the folder and is also a VOB file you need to open the interviews through windows media, on some computers they wont just play on their own but they are both on there.


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