Real Heros!

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    I wish more people had the courage of GREAT MEN like Thomas Little Cloud & whoever is currently giving the corrupt county swine of Sacramento just what they deserve today(9/7/2017) as well! This great man laid down his life in the pursuit of justice! Unfortunately he was only able to take down three enemy combatants, only one of which ultimately died. The dead swine, a Sacramento County Goon, is being laid to rest today. All I have to say is good ridence and I wish the two CHP goons had succumb to their GSW's as well. Maybe next time things will go better for justice... REAL JUSTICE! The People's Justice! Not the swine's idea of justice. F@ck the Swine! I hope they all have children who grow up basatrds the Nazi Pigs!Oink-Oink. Squeel piggy, SQUEEL!

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