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    The use of any sworn government position, or any position within any corporation, institution or other entity that is contracted, incorporated, founded, funded, licensed or privileged by government, to violate any law or any human right, is not a privilege, misdemeanor or minor felony, but is the capital crime of sedition, undermining the legitimate government, from within and destroying the social-economic integrity of the society, a more effective destroyer of nations than treason or military assault, and it merits the mandated non-negotiable capital punishment that legitimate government can impose upon those who personally commit seditious criminal acts and those who facilitate, assist, order, command, secret, cover-up, stand idly-by or harbour them from justice, perpetual closely supervised lifelong bondage. The government that kills or violates any human right is criminally illegal. The key to establishment and maintenance of a natural society of peace, goodwill, universal economy, long life and a measure of happiness, is honour for human rights, including the right to life, the right to participate in the economic intercourse requisite to life, full employment, full pay and full benefits, assured by the national treasury (the purpose for which the national treasury exists, the welfare and well being of the people) and controls and regulations of the prices, fees and exploitations of the institutions, corporations and professionals. Nothing less and nothing else will do. The alternative is continued destruction of the nation as the professional families become richer millionaires by causing ever more poverty, suffering and death. (This is me singing and playing for the American people as Nero did for the Pagan Romans. Simple Solution for a Big Problem
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    Well said. Now, if we could 'organize' "We, the People' to do something about our, clearly, treasonous and tyrannical 'government' (includes Congress, Courts and cops).

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