Short Female and Lost-Don't do it in Atoka Oklahoma

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    My Nightmare Began when I Chose to Drive From Dallas Texas, to Broken Arrow for one of My Favourite Writers Book Signing Events to Cheer Myself up I had just lost My Older Brother (he was only 48) A Sister In Law(0nly 49) and My Father had been diagnosed with Esophegeal Cancer.Unfortunately My Route didn't account for construction delays etc.By the Time I arrived, everything was shut down except The Gyms it was quite odd as it was only 8pm!Looking back I was 20 minutes from home when I was misdirected back the wrong way.Early in the morning I'am pulled over. I feel like I'm in a bad movie from the 80's ,one short bald young guy who looks like Popeye, and a Dark haired short guy with a mullet that looks like Robert Russler from Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2.I am screamed at asked what drugs or alcohol have I taken ?I took prescription Adderall, for A.D.H.D. hours before been on it since I was 2 and I've never even had a sip of beer.I demonstrate I can walk .Give them my Dr.s Phone #.but when I don't walk into the cuffs am summarily beaten to the ground.I am 5'4 and weighed over 200 pounds at the time.I spent the night in a filthy cell with feces blood clots and worms on the floor .I had read that a soap opera was filmed in Oklahoma and was so tired I thought that was happening in the blanket covered cell next to me- Where the RUSSLER lookalike disappeared with an Inmate Trustee, who had earlier asked me questions about Hep C and AIDS I went to Texas Women's University when it was ALL WOMEN. I was 21 before I had my first date."I kept hearing the same cheesy porno lines"O.M.G. its so hot don't stop etc" Next Morning Sargent Darren Duckworth walked out of the cell sans shirt zipping up his fly.I worked for Wackenhut in Fort Worth as a Detention Officer for Blue Warrant Parole Violators Sgt Ramirez certainly never spent hours alone with an inmate fraternizing, in fact he cautioned us most had AIDS, and wouldn't say that we should wear gloves at all times.A few of his coworkers even ribbed him about getting lucky .My Mum picked me up and Duckworth and his Partner followed us in a jeep parking at the pump right next to us.I didn't see him or his Cohort in Court where the case was thrown out but I did read his report.He claimed I was high intoxicated did ballet moves went en pointe did the spread eagle anyone who has ever seen the musical Chicago knows you need a chair for that trick -Might I state again I was grossly overweight and could barely bend to tie my shoes.
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