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    Hello, I was pulled over about two months ago in the great ole Deep South state of Mississippi, but non other than a asshole state trooper. His initial stop was for my "blue" fog lights. So when he lit me up, I pull over try to practice respect by turning on my dome lights rolling down all four window and having my information ready. Well as you can guess this coward gets out the car walks up slow with his flashlight, how stupid right? You couldn't even see the beam of his flashlight with my inside lights on, I got prepared for this guy realizing he was a lunatic. He comes up and rudely says license and insurance not even realizing I had it in my hand sticking it out for him, he then asks me what's funny because I was trying to smile to be friendly to which I respond nothing what are you acting paranoid for, because he was acting as if I was some drug dealer or something. So he goes blank and has nothing to say so he tries to find something else and begins looking at my right hand which was between my legs and say what are you reaching for and tells me he's gonna sling my ass out the car if I reach my hand again. Ok? I'm not teaching and I tell him ok do it then because he legally can't and that's threat, his dumb ass goes blank again and says ok you're making me nervous step out. So I grab my phone and try to record which he tells me put the damn phone down and I tell him I can record when he snatches and throws my phone which started recording and catches the crash of my phone and rest of the encounter. I got mad at this point, my 700 iPhone just got thrown illegally really? He says I tell you to do something you do it, I tell you not to reach your hand under that seat you do it, and I tell him you can't do that, but wait let's take a moment to realize what happened, he just told me to put my damn phone down and just threw it, yet he's complaining about something else? Yeah a dumbass. So he asks me questions like do I have a problem with law enforcement how old am and I tell him I have s problem with him. He just stars at me with hurt in his eyes or gay light brown contacts then goes blank again and says I'm scaring him so he's gonna detain me. The next 20 minutes consisted of me on the busy highway in front of sonic and Starbucks with a spotlight beamed on me, blue lights flashing, and people staring at me in handcuffs. Then this coward actually calls back up, yes you heard right backup to lowndes county sheriffs. This is when he tries to act professional, asking me do you have weapons in the car, at which point he searches without a warrant or consent. And what do you know, he didn't find anything. So amazing!!! And he tries to explain that not reaching under the seat is for mine and his safety both and tells me what my tickets are for. I ask him so what kind of ticket is it, fix it ticket or what, he says well uhhh I would've just told you to turn them off but you wanna get an attitude, I tell him no I didn't and he says yes you did I have nothing else to say to you. And the sheriffs were rude and useless too. As I drive off they're all staring at me as if I'm gonna shoot at them or something. But there's a million things wrong with this traffic stop:
    1. I never got pulled over once for these hid fog lights until this night after having them for a year.
    2. He could've recognized my courtesy of my dome lights and having my info ready and also at least said hello how are you doing sir
    3. If they're peace officers to protect and serve and it was for my safety and his, why would he cuss at me and not professionally say sir could you please put your right hand on the steering wheel where I can see it
    4. What was the use of backup when I'm by myself in handcuffs and have no type of record
    5. Been pulled over three times prior, no tickets no handcuffs no arguing no hurt feelings everything went smoothly and the sad thing about these stops, I had both hands beside where I could have reached for something and I didn't turn on my dome lights or have information ready.
    6. By law I can record yet he illegal stopped me from doing so and also threw my phone which can damage it internally
    7. He unwarranted searched my vehicle without consent
    8. It's possible that I could have been discriminated against since I was a young black male in a nicer vehicle
    9. Sad thing is that everyone is so scared of the police around here that no lawyers no government officials not even my own family have supported me through this situation. I've even wrote to the NAACP and to the governor and the headquarters of the state troopers and the branch where this trooper works at and haven't heard and probably won't hear anything back.
    10. Governor Phil Bryant recently said that the state trooper population was at a critically low number, well that's because we have cowards like you running the government cowards like this trooper policing the streets and people that don't care and let you get away with bullshit.
    11. He pulled me over in the city limits, don't know their jurisdiction but he's the only trooper I ever see in the city giving people tickets.
    12. I'm not the only one. Everyone I tell about this encounter already know who I'm talking about trooper d. Sims. Meaning that either people are too chicken to report his ass or the government doesn't give a rat ass about the rights of people the reason he still has a badge.
    13. He was also black, yep discrimination can be black on black white on black white on white black on white, doesn't matter all this black lives matter and other bullshit is exactly that, bullshit.
    14. And if he is trying to be white rather by the reason he treats other blacks or by the colored contacts in his eyes, he will never be because come on how many white Devondricks do you know? Lol
    15. I pleaded not guilty in court and go back in august, but probably just gonna take the bulbs out and go ahead and get it thrown out so I don't have to pay court fees, bullshit.
    16. I need justice and answers because next time I might be the next young unarmed person killed by corrupt coward stupid police. Law enforcement is an easy outlet for people who have nothing else going for themselves, you need no skills, no degree, just a few months in the academy and boom you're victim of bullying or something that makes you insecure with a badge that takes the hurt from your past out on the people who also help pay your salary. So for right now I'm gonna keep fighting until I get justice and this fucking world changes, corrupt chicken ass punk ass law enforcers, greedy governments, and scared punk ass citizens. Until then it's fuck the law!!!

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