Using streaming mobile apps to record police

Discussion in 'How to Film the Police?' started by MikeP, Jun 19, 2017.

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    An app that records is no longer enough. Cops are tuned in now. They just confiscate the phone, erase files, etc. Do you have an app which makes the recording and streams the data to an upload site so cops cannot seize your phone and destroy evidence against them once its out of your possession ? Imagine streaming the entire conversation to an upload site, one in which you catch cops conspiring to destroy evidence on top of the fact that they illegally seized your phone and illegally arrested you.
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    There are security apps for android, that send to email, and/or cloud, plus to the phone.
    I once put a wireless pin hole camera, (like for a nanny cam in a teddy bear eye, smoke alarm or clock.), in a ziplock bag - inside of a second "pooper scooper" bag, taped it in place and cut holes in both bags for the camera lens.
    Then, added some fresh dog droppings.
    I told the officer, "My dumb-ass dog slipped his collar and wandered off while I was cleaning this up!" "Officer, will you please help me find my dog?"
    (That got a, "No!" answer. He could not get far enough away from me and the stinking bag!)
    I was free to wander around looking for my none existent dog. No one paid any attention as I leaned against my car, waiting for my dog to return...
    Practice using this method to make sure you know how to hold the bag to get the video you want.
    I hope this helps give you ideas how to make concealment "obvious and unattractive" to closer inspection.
    Good luck.

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