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Discussion in 'Police Encounters' started by ZOZOZ, Oct 24, 2017.

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    I got pulled over cracked my window for Idaho state trooper Shively, he told me to roll it down more. I refused, told him it was fine. He told me to stop being a prick. I still refused. He then told me to step out. I did, he then started to arrest me I asked why he never gave me an answer. He didn’t even tell me my rights. I was searched, handcuffed and put in his car. Then he searched my car. I was takin to jail where I didn’t get a phone call for 8 hours. By then my family knew I was there and already had a bail bondsman call two hours later they took my fingerprints so I could leave. Obstruction Of justice along with four other tickets speeding, window tint, my registration was expired for 3 days and seatbelt. Do you think I sue for my trouble I don’t want to make money. I just want this to be paid for.
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    Were you speeding? Was your window tinted beyond what is legal in your jurisdiction? Were you belted? Was your registration expired? If these things are true, then no, most likely it would be a fruitless endeavor. File a complaint with IA if you want. If you are pulled over it is best to cooperate fully and then do whatever you need to do as far as complaints later on. Because now you have an uphill battle, as you see. Did you have priors? I'm not defending the cop, I'm just giving you a realistic view of the situation.
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    Thanks for the reply. I see how I seem like criminal to the court. Yes my windows are tinted darker then allowed, and registration was expired, but that’s how I was obstructing justice? I never admitted to not having my seatbelt on. We were both traveling south on the highway and I passed him. He waited until I thought I was out of reach to speed and stop me. I hate to believe he was justified to take me to jail based on that.
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    I think realistic is not quite the word you should use but rather surrealistic.
    All the "infractions" mentioned are not jail-worthy and everyone has the Right to not answer questions without being intimidated for not doing so. Reading of Rights they are not required to do and if they do it is when the arrest actually occurs.
    What is described here is bullying by a badge heavy officer who is possibly, as many police officers are, a sociopath. Surveys reveal that "cop" is in the top 10 of careers sociopaths choose. Sociopaths have no regard for anyone or anything only themselves. They must win at all costs. They have no notion of right or wrong. They have no emotions and have trouble forcing an emotion imitation. They lie constantly even when the truth would benefit them. Sociopaths have a penchant for gambling, risky behaviors and sex as often as possible with anyone available. They easily beat polygraphs and can convince psychiatrists who treat them that they are cured (it is not curable). They often have financial difficulties and borrow from those close to them using far-fetched reasons why they need a loan such as "My funds are tied up momentarily due to a stock split which will double their value and I can pay you back with interest".
    You offer no consolation that police can violate Rights, create mistrust, disrupt lives, commit perjury and when one gets their day in court a police officer's word is valued over everything else just because they are a police officer!
    The spineless display you have put on and the cowering attitude is not what this country is built on. It is high time to organize and petition. No need for revolution as we had one and won it, we need to reseat government and dump all the regulations, laws, board up the capital building and dust off The Constitution. Shut the propaganda machine down.

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