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Badges don’t grant extra rights

Can an action illegitimate for you suddenly become legitimate when done by another simply because they have on their chest an ounce of tin? It shouldn’t, but many act as if this is the case. This (bad) idea, when accepted, bestows upon some stranger the “right” to initiate force. Replace that bad idea with one more commonsensical: Individuals are responsible for their actions no matter their attire or place of employment.

True, individuals working in law enforcement might mean well, but they’re hamstrung by perverse incentives. Their claimed monopoly means no one is held accountable, nor can it ever be “fixed” through internal investigations. If you see a police officer doing something wrong for you to do, call them out, record and share. Transparency is key. Failure to act after witnessing even the most trivial of transgressions only bestows upon such actions tacit consent and sets the stage for even more egregious actions.

Stop acting as if those wearing badges have extra rights – they don’t. You know this. See through the charade and think for yourself. Good people are standing up for their rights and connecting with and supporting others. Cease looking to an external authority and govern your own life.







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