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The MAC Tour has been officially cancelled in terms of projected and defined stops. MAC will continue to roam the lower 48 states but not in the same capacity as when it started.

This summer MAC will be in the Northeast with PorcFest being it’s only scheduled stop. If you’d like to connect with Ademo and/or MAC, contact us here.


MAC-RVMAC is a 1980 Tioga, packing a V8 engine with 64,000 miles, that was painted black and white. In addition to all your standard RV features MAC is coated with your liberty minded advertisers (see below), loaded with CopBlock flyers and a variety of CopBlock swag.


MAC Advertisers

LRN.FM: Your Liberty Radio Network, featuring show like, “Free Talk Live” and “CopBlock Radio.” On air 24/7 on the interwebs.

CounterCurrent News: Your one stop for all the news the mainstream media can’t get away with. Specializing in alternative media and reporting.

Cell 411: is an app and a micro social network which allows users to quickly contact each other or groups of friends and family members in case of emergencies. The app is designed to work quickly, provide instant GPS coordinates to your entire group to the current location, offer turn-by-turn directions to the location and even stream live video.

Free Keene: Watch the evolevolution to a voluntary society happen right in front of your eyes! Get the latest on a group of liberty activist trying to live free in the “Shire.”

TunnelCase.comFreedom just got more popular. Introducing the world’s first dual-layer anti-surveillance enclosure for smartphones, Tunnel is giving millions the power of privacy again. When you Tunnel your phone,  your activity becomes invisible to others and you protect yourself from EMF pollution.