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Are you tired of the POLICE STATE??

Want to be part of a network actively advancing the idea that,
“Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights?”

If so, JOIN the “CopBlock Network” today.

What is the CopBlock Network (CBN)?

The CopBlock Network consist of individuals who believe “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.” Each one of us has committed ourselves to that idea and together we’re determined to take that message to the highest level possible. Below are four roles that CopBlock Network participants can choose to dedicate their time and skill sets to. You don’t have to choose just one role – most of us play a few – but it’s probably best to start with one if you’re completely new to CopBlocking.

The purpose of the CopBlock Network is to connect active CopBlockers, who advocate that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights”, into a Network that creates content, educational materials, provides assistance to those of police wrongdoings and more. By each of us choosing a role (of our strongest skill set(s)) we can be more effective at highlighting the police state and informing people about how they can be protected from it.

Local CopBlock Groups will create more content knowing that CBN Bloggers (or video editors) are on standby to assist them. When you combine raw content creation with polished content creation (idea into blog post, raw video into polished video) then we’ll succeed at reaching more people.

With that being said, read over the four roles below and join The CopBlock Network today.

  • Create  Content: Whether you use the submission tab or become a CopBlock Network Contributor creating police related content is a role at CBN that’s never “FULL.” Bring your writing, video or creative content ideas into CBN.
    *content creators can get a share of ad revenue from their post and/or see an increase in their already monetized outlets; like YouTube; for more information contact Ademo here*
  • Direct Action: The direct action aspect of the network speaks to three very important areas; Keyboard Warriors, Street Team and Call Floods.
    Keyboard Warriors: Are those whose skill sets fall into the computer tech area. Whether that be spreading CopBlock content on social media outlets, researching stories/individuals, creating graphics (like memes or otherwise) and/or social media awareness campaigns. If your skill set is in this area sign up and start “networking” with other CBN Keyboard Warriors and CBN Contributors today. Possible tasks of Keyboard Warriors: share CopBlock content to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube and/or other social networks. Get CBN stories and videos onto more Facebook Pages, UpVoted at Reddit and so on. This can be done by folks who have other pages and channels, or by those who can commit to sharing the content directly from the site regularly to their own social media platforms.
    (Connect with Joshua[at] for more details)
    Street Team: Do you go out and film the police on a regular basis? Then this is what you’d want to do. Street Teams capture raw (or edited) footage from the streets to, or a CBN Contributor, for polishing (editing of video or creation of blog post) and/or publication to the site.
    Street team participants will be shown how to monetize their content, be provided with educational material and (at times) compensated for gathering video for overarching, breaking or targeted content.Call Floods: Consist of folks dedicated to calling police departments for comments regarding police employee actions. All too often the police will shield their own, withhold information or simply refuse to provide transparency. Call Flood Team(s) will be there to keep asking the questions and help expose the police for their relaxed nature towards their own.

    Recording these calls is highly encouraged to not only encourage others to do the same but also show folks how unwilling police are to speak about their own.


  • Donate: In January 2017 the month donation aspect to CBN  was ended. You can still donate via the one time donation button (which goes to editors, social media operators and outreach material) or directly to any of the regular CopBlock Contributors listed below: 

    Kelly Patterson: (coming soon)Joshua Scott Hotchkin:(coming soon)Dylan Donnelly:(coming soon)

    Each of those individuals works tirelessly to produce content and manage this site. Any donation to them directly would be greatly appreciated.

                                                     DONATE TO THE SITE DIRECTLY BELOW:


  • W.Y.W: What’s W.Y.W? Whatever You Want. Just because the CopBlock Network exists it doesn’t mean CopBlock is not the decentralized (no central leadership or president) organization it was founded to be. You can still start your own group, use CopBlock graphics/logos, film the police and whatever else you can think of. Feel free to use the submit tab to share your content too. All we’re trying to do with CBN is maximize our potential by working as a team.

How will the CopBlock Network utilize donations?

The funds donated by “CopBlock Network” donors will be used in a number of ways. Including creating educational handouts; producing regular (video/blog) content, original social media content, and CopBlock merchandise. Thanks to your commitment to the “CopBlock Network” we can take all of these to a higher level. For example:

More Boots On the Ground: Building a Network means having eyes and ears on the ground everywhere. Sending skilled CopBlockers to areas of breaking news, large events, and other points of interest that will give the “CopBlock Network” the edge it needs to become an effective network. We’ll also network with other offshoots to develop targeted outreach materials, further networking and hosting CopBlock-related events.

Create Original Content: CopBlockers already produce content such as blogs, videos, CopBlock Radio and more – most of which is paid for by ad revenue. Yet, the Network will seek to expand our abilities to further develop CopBlock News, campaigns for victims of police abuse and additional original content (like regular educational series). In the future a studio to record polished content, computers, programs and more would really help further our skill sets and content production abilities.

CopBlock Network Headquarters: One of the goals for the CopBlock Network is to create a CBN HQ. When we’re able to have a HQ it’ll house bloggers, videographers, graphic designers and more. They’ll bring, or be surrounded with, the gear they need to take raw content in and pump polished content out. There is so much we can do with a studio, gear and hard working individuals ready to show the many ways that “badges don’t grant extra rights.”

NO LIMITS: Lastly, I could break down all the ideas possible at this time but the truth is, the sky’s the limit. Will there be a headquarters? Or a studio, newsroom, fundraisers, attorneys on retainer? All are within the realm of possibilities we are committed to reaching and know we can, if we work as a Network.

Join the CopBlock Network