Reach & Costs

You were probably directed here from to learn a bit more about our reach and costs. We advocate for police transparency so you shouldn’t expect any less of us.

Our Reach

share-ideas-people-virus-network-nodes-copblockCop Block started as a Tumblr blog in January of 2010 and has since grown into a WordPress-based decentralized network and resource hub visited by over 4,800,000 people from 222 countries.

Cop Block is a top-ten returned result using Google for “police accountability,” “no victim no crime,” “film the police,” “police abuse,” “badges don’t grant extra rights,” and “police double standards.”

Relates stats in February of 2014:

Our Costs

money-frn-bitcon-copblockBang for the buck, we are damn effective, though that isn’t too surprising as the ideas we share – that no one has extra rights, that each person is responsible for our actions, and that when there’s no victim there’s no crime – make sense. And, because our hearts are in this – we know that this is a necessary conversation to have at this point in history.

Monthly costs include:

  • $200 ($6.67/day) for IT/server costs, which is provided by our trusted friends at Liberty Web Alliance
  • $150 ($5/day) to compensate an editor(s) to review and post submissions received via (over 3,800 have been received – this is a decentralized effort after all)
  • $150 ($5/day) to compensate a housekeeper to address the ~100 messages received daily at (timely communication is key!)

Intermittent costs include:

  • compensation for graphic artists
  • shipping costs to get outreach materials where they’ll be used effectively
  • contests

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