Police State Themed Bumper Stickers

Vinyl bumper stickers of the “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights” graphic. Perfect for your car, computer or refrigerator. ELEVEN STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM or click here to get all 11 (and SAVE $$).

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Am I Free To Go (Set of Four)
Fuck the Police (Set of Four)
Film the Police (Set of Four)

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These stickers, created by LibertyStickers.com, are standard bumper sticker size. Great for cars, computers, refrigerators and more.

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"Dear Public Servant:…", "Police Brutality: Not Just For… ", "When Injustice Becomes Law… ", "Dear Officer, What Part Of The Constitution… ", "Unthinking Respect for Authority… ", "My Government Spent One Trillion… ", "Too Many Cops", "At Least We Still Have the Right To Remain Silent", "Remember Your Oath?", "Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights", Traditional CopBlock.org