Cop Block’s Killer App, “Cell 411” Just Added Ride Sharing!

As Cop Block founder and Free Keene blogger Pete Eyre said months ago, “Cell 411 is about to become your

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New Hampshire Vice Cop Arrested for DUI After Head-On Crash

Nottingham Police Officer Chris Gilroy, who made news when he fraudulently posed as a teenage girl and attempted to lure

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Vote For Your Three Favorite #WhyIFilmThePolice Entries

In December, 2014 Cop Block, in conjunction with Police the Police and WeCopwatch, launched the #WhyIFilmThePolice video contest. Entries received

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Video Contest: #WhyIFilmThePolice

UPDATE – January 09, 2014 To view and vote for your three favorite entries received for the #WhyIFilmThePolice video contest

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Over the last month we’ve made some changes here at The most-visible and biggest undertaking was the a site

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VIDEO CONTEST: Mesh Schoolcraft with Szasz

[content cross-posted to from] Incentive: 100-FRNs or its equivalent in silver Deadline: Midnight EST March 31st, 2012. Send

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